How to Decorate A Rental And Still Get Your Bond Back

11 March 2019

One of the things that can majorly suck about renting is that you’re often limited in what you can do to jazz up your rental. With over 30 per cent of Aussies renting, that’s a whole lot of people trying to make a house a home while being beholden to a landlord. But never fear, here are some simple ways to decorate that will keep you in the running for Tenant of the Year.

Update hardware

Ugly hardware is a bit of an eyesore but thankfully, it’s also one of the easiest things you can change about a rental. Simply remove the existing drawer pulls and knobs and replace them with something else that takes your fancy (Bunnings has some stylish and cheap options). Just keep the originals in a safe place and swap them back over when you are moving out.

Add lighting

To create a cozy ambience swap any fluorescent lightbulbs for LED bulbs that have a warm tone. Also, think about strategically adding floor lamps and desk lamps to create a lighting scheme throughout your abode. And as a bonus, gorgeous lamps double as decorative features.

Lean art against the wall

If you’re not too handy with spakfilla and don’t want to make holes in the walls to hang art or pictures your next best option is to take a more relaxed approach and lean art against the wall. You can do this on the floor by mixing different size frames to create a focal point in a room.

Use rugs to cover up floors

If you’ve inherited carpet that looks like it hasn’t been changed since the 70s then invest in a gorgeous rug to cover it up. Ugly floors are the bane of every renter’s existence and this is one way you can get around it without having to do much at all. Adding a rug to a room also helps bring the space together.

Add greenery

Scroll through enough interiors blogs and the one thing that can really set a space apart is lush greenery. By adding a few plants around your place it can not only spruce up a dull or tired area, but it also has the added benefit of creating a calming vibe. If you’re a notorious plant killer, then invest in succulents—they’re so hardy and self-sufficient they’d probably survive a nuclear war.

Use curtains to cover ugly blinds

Bad blinds can really let a room down however there is a way around it. Try putting up floor-length curtains to not only cover any ugly window shades but to make the room feel bigger and more sophisticated. Just remember to take them with you when your lease ends.

Introduce additional storage

The addition of a few key pieces of furniture such as bookshelves and drawers around your home not only provides valuable extra storage, which let’s face it rentals generally don’t have enough of, but it also provides additional surface areas that you can use to decorate your space.

Home deco tips by Tania Gomez