Things That Are Just Stupidly Overpriced In Sydney

27 July 2018

We all love Sydney, it’s an amazing place to live. Some of the world’s best beaches, iconic harbourside landmarks and a really fantastic night life scene (er maybe not that one, thanks lock out laws) exist in this sunny place. It’s a great place to live but DAMN EXPENSIVE. Sydney has just overtaken both notoriously pricy London and New York and has jumped on into the top 10 most expensive cities in the world…great, isn’t it?


Let’s start with the most obvious one shall we? It’s been said time and time again. In fact you’re probably sick to death of hearing about how your avo toast habits will result in you never being able to afford a house. The truth of the matter is, it’s not your fault. Anyone will tell you that Sydney is ridiculously overpriced for renting and buying. We’d rather not sacrifice where we want to live so I guess we’ll just wait it out and hope it really is a bubble like they’re saying. Fingers crossed right?


By the time you’ve ordered your aforementioned avo toast with poached eggs and popped a bit of haloumi on the side (go on, treat yourself!), your not-so-fancy, could-have-easily-have-been-made-at-home-for-half-the-price breakfast is now probably sitting around 25 bucks. Add on a bloody mary (hair of the dog right?) and don’t forget that 10% Sunday surcharge and you’re looking at never having savings ever again. Makes sense…


Around $20 is actually standard for a cocktail in Sydney which is fairly alarming as you’re usually only getting two shots of actual booze from a judgy bartender who has no idea how to make it. Australia is also the third most expensive place to buy a beer in the world and in Sydney we love our craft beers, so add that extra markup to the tab. Add to these prices the fact that there is absolutely NO freepour so you’re literally shelling out cash for 30ml of alcohol (which is probably watered down anyway). Back to goon it is then!


Even if you haven’t jumped on the golden/red velvet/mermaid latte train, even just a long black (literally just coffee and water) will set you back in Sydney. Just forget it if you’re into almond milk, an extra shot or god forbid you want your coffee on ice. Turns out those multiple coffees a day really add up when they’re priced at $5 a piece.

Café snacks

If you’ve grabbed a muffin or a croissant from a café lately, you may have noticed that you’re usually shelling out around $6. For ONE ITEM! Turns out the artisan, vegan and general ‘health’ movements have led us to accept that these ‘superior’ snack items are worth simply way too much. In another fun twist, it turns out in Australia, people equate expense with quality so it’s easy to jack up the prices on us.


Any girl whose ever done a US Sephora haul knows that we are being charged a crazy premium to look pretty in Australia. Apparently this is due to our distance from the rest of the world but even home grown brands typically maintain this pricing.

Bread and cheese

Turns out, Sydney is even trying to screw you when you’re trying to enjoy a nice cheese platter. Fresh white bread (yum) in Sydney is the most expensive in Australia and the cost of cheese is the single item that puts our grocery expense price above New York. It is delicious though.


Ever since Opal came in, it hurts just that little bit more every time we see the price for our crowded bus ride or ultra-delayed train. If you’re lucky enough to catch the ferry to work (ah Sydney harbor, you are a dream) then you’re dishing out $60 a week just to make it to your desk. That’s a no from us thanks.

The honest truth by Cassidy Loane