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An Open Letter To Internet Trolls

03 January 2018

  • “OMG she’s SO annoying”
  • “You’re ugly”
  • “This looks so forced I want to kill myself”
  • “Bitch needs a new face”
  • “Looks pretty shit”
  • If wearing Showpo makes me as ditzy as you lot, imma pass. “
  • “Did they feel like idiots when they made this? Cause they look like it.”
  • “Ugh, would someone kill this bitch pls”
  • “Seeing her face makes me angry”
  • “Your tits are saggy”
  • “When will she stop, she’s the worst”
  • “Yuck”
  • “Wow her tan is way too dark”
  • “You’re so dumb”
  • “She’s so skinny, she looks sick. Will someone buy that girl a burger”
  • “Her voice makes me want to die”
  • “Ewww… big long ugly ass camel toe.. flat ass and she is ugly .. next model please”
  • “Lmao, you have got to do something about your videos. They are literally so cringeworthy and awkward”

Across our social platforms, Showpo releases a fuckton of content per week. On average, we post over 100 images to our Instagram account, 2 videos on Youtube, 6 blogs on the edit, and over 80 Facebook posts. And that doesn’t include Twitter, Snapchat, Insta stories or LinkedIn

I told you, a fuckton of content.

What you read above, were some of the negative comments we’ve received on some of these posts in the last 2 weeks alone. Nasty huh! 

I have a pretty thick skin so it would take something pretty damn brutal to get me down, but I really don’t cop that much trolling, bar ‘she’s annoying’, which isn’t new information guys, I do have SOME self-awareness. On the other hand, there’s my boss, Jane Lu, who has a very public profile. No matter what she does, it’s generally met with a smattering of nastiness in some capacity. In true Miss Lu fashion, she literally gives zero fucks and when I asked her, had this to say about trolling…

“My favourite Oscar Wilde quote is ‘be yourself; everyone else is already taken’. You can’t please everyone and if you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one. What scares me is how haters impact others, those that are more sensitive to the negativity and that it might actually prevent them from trying new things and putting themselves out there. What annoys me is that haters actually want us to change who we are, change how we do what we do, because of the 1% of negativity they bring. It makes me sad that this person would actually let that negatively impact their behaviour. That they want others to also limit their creativity and their fun to abide by what others have to say. And it makes me sad that this kind of thinking and trolling actually does impact people out there.  And it’s not just about content, the issue is much bigger. If I was to listen to the naysayers before I started my business, and when my first business failed, and when Showpo wasn’t really getting anywhere, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

And that ladies and gents, is the CEO of an internationally-acclaimed fashion store! So if you do get trolled, think about Jane Lu and try to realise that you can’t let the tiny portion of hate-filled trolls cancel out the 99% of wonderful, supportive people who love what you do. After all, if you won $1000, would you be upset if you lost $10? Or would you worry about spending the other $990?  YOU DO YOU BAE!

And to the haters…

Dear Keyboard Warrior,

You know who you are. You’re the unpleasant dregs of the population who hide behind the anonymity of a screen to hurl abuse at complete strangers on the internet.

Why do you do what you do? Does it make you feel better about yourself?

I’m not sure you realise this, but behind every single post on the internet, is a human. Robots just aren’t that advanced yet. So there’s someone reading through the comments, smiling at some, answering others, and then stopping short at yours. A real human is reading that vile thing you’ve written, do you realise that?

Unfortunately, despite thousands of positive comments and hundreds of shares – it’s your one negative, rude comment that will stand out and be remembered.

It must be a shitty feeling, to be so full of hatred for people and posts that appear on your feed every day, but I have a really simple solution.


Told you it was simple. Unfollow the brand, person or group that’s annoying you and you won’t ever have to be annoyed by them again! Better yet, we won’t have to be accosted with your negativity.

But if you just can’t give up the sadistic pleasures of tearing people down, I dare you to go up to someone on the street (yes in real life) and yell your favourite insult at them.

I’m guessing you’re far too much of a coward to do something like that (because yes, you would be laughed at and/or smacked and/or arrested depending on your viciousness) so please, do everyone a favour, go get a life and fuck off the internet.

Kindest Regards,

The 99%

Words by Kelly McCarren