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What It’s Like To Be The Only Vegan In Your Group

16 May 2018

The stigma is real. Any long-time or recently converted vegan will agree that there’s numerous hurdles to overcome when you make this new lifestyle choice. That’s probably why it’s so hard to go full vegan in the first place. Even though it’s hip to be vegan these days, you’re still likely to be the odd one out in your friendship group. Which is testing when you’re the odd one out trying to live how you want without being alienated. Your friends will love to challenge you by asking the same annoying questions and being OTT carnivorous in front of you at dinner. Don’t be discouraged because even though you will definitely be berated, you will inspire a few to transition or better yet meet some new vegan buddies to go on vegan dates with. Here is what to expect…

Your friends will point out your veganism before you do

This happens not just when you’re ordering food out, but also when you’re with perfect strangers at a party. Oh well, take it as them feeling uncomfortable but also a little proud of you.

They will unnecessarily fuss over you

The friends who aren’t down with what you can eat will assume you survive on a diet of green leaves and air. So they’ll buy you weird vegan packaged goods and only choose vegan restaurants (when in reality you find an option anywhere). It’s cute they care and what to include you.

They will apologise for their meat-eating ways

And you will get annoyed, because most of the time you don’t care at all if they’re devouring a meatlovers pizza while you smash a margherita (no cheese thanks).

You will put a few of them offside

Sorry to say but some friends will be annoyed by your veganism, mostly because they feel like you’re against them. Be prepared to be left out of some catch ups like steak night. But stay strong, they will come around eventually!

They will question why you have a leather belt on

You’ll become irate with queries as to why you’re not vegan in every single way. Just answer by saying that you’ve chosen to be vegan dietary wise for now – this should shut down the conversation.

Then you’ll get the ‘but you can’t eat bread because the yeast in it is alive’

Just roll your eyes and enjoy double the amount of bread right in front of them. You don’t have to field every question thrown your way.

You’ll want to preach

It’s only natural to want to educate your friends about why being vegan is the best thing ever, but instead of preaching let them seek you out. Leading by example is the best way to get them to follow suit over barraging them with regurgitated facts from ‘Cowspiracy’.

Image by Holly Walsh.

Words by Jennifer Aitken