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How To Deal With Every Type Of Friend On A Group Vacay

08 April 2019

Taking off to travel around the world is awesome but what about the people you’re travelling with? Often, it’s not until we head off on our dream vacay and spend 24/7 with our friends that we get to know their true personalities. Whether you’re jet setting with a suspected party animal, a maybe control freak or a potential stage five clinger, here’s how to cope while you’re abroad…because there are some things travel insurance just won’t cover.

The party animal friend

Identifying feature: Up for a good time, any time.

If you’ve found yourself on a trip with a party animal be prepared for sleep to be an optional extra. If you don’t fancy spending your entire trip hungover, hit them with the FOMO card. Remind them that you’ve got some epic locations on your list of things to do and that you’d rather not tackle them feeling like absolute crap. Also, would they rather see the sights or spend it at a dingy nightclub that probably resembles the dingy nightclub back home? 

The disaster zone friend

Identifying feature: If it can go wrong, it will go wrong.

This is the person who will lose their passport, wind up sleeping in and missing a flight or lose all their money a day into your trip. Like it or not, if you’re the organised one, you’ll have to gently guide them along the way. Think about making a checklist of things they need to do to help them get to the airport on time or reminding them to keep their belongings secure. Full disclosure: this will become super tedious but at least you won’t find yourself trying to deal with dramas that’ll derail your trip.

The will-try-anything-once friend

Identifying feature: Open to everything including activities which may or may not get you deported.

Travelling is about experiencing new things but there’s a fine line between being adventurous and arrested. The best thing to do in this instance is treat your friend like a toddler. Create distractions whenever they’re thinking of doing something dodgy and keep them busy at all costs! By suggesting newer, more interesting things to do you’ll safely steer them away from doing anything that may cause a diplomatic incident.

The militant control freak friend

Identifying feature: Most likely to have planned your itinerary right down to when you can pee.

No one wants to feel like their holiday has turned into a stint at a correctional facility so it’s a good thing to remind your pal that it’s okay to be spontaneous once in a while. Tell them that you appreciate just how organised they are but they don’t need to map out every single millisecond of the day. After all, the best days are spent getting lost and soaking up the sites without a strict timetable hanging over your head.

The nervous about everything friend

Identifying feature: Will literally freak out about every possible unfamiliar thing you can think of. 

This is the complete polar opposite of the mate who is up for absolutely anything so you’ll need to coax them into letting their guard down a little. Start by getting them to try a local delicacy then work your way up to encouraging them to check out a few sites that aren’t your regular tourist trap.

The stage five clinger friend

Identifying feature: Every move you make, every step you take they’ll be there with you.

Finding yourself travelling with a friend who just won’t leave you alone can make your trip a little suffocating. Buy yourself some time on your own by asking them what they plan to do with their day first. That way, you have an easy out when you tell them you want to do something different. If subtle tact isn’t working, be upfront and tell them you need some alone time for an hour or two and that you’ll meet up with them for lunch or dinner.

Survival guide by Tania Gomez