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This Is What Everyone Is Wearing For Halloween in 2019

09 October 2019

I don’t mean to alarm you or anything but did you know it’s already October. October. OCTOBER. I swear at some point in mid-June I blinked and then bang. October. Not only are the days lasting longer for us lucky Southern Hemisphere gals but Halloween is right around the corner. So you need to start costume planning – stat.

Sure, you could throw together a last-minute look and be just fine, but unless you want to recycle that Cher from Clueless outfit, again, then pop onto Pinterest and get to work. Luckily, our fave social media platform for #HalloweenGoals has you covered with its 2019 Pinfrights Report. Yep, you read that right, the Pinfrights report, an annual data crunch released by our friends at Pinterest highlighting the top-trends in Halloween costumes, makeup and themes.

Trending costumes

According to Pinterest, the costume ideas we’re all saving to our Halloween boards this year are less than spooky. Mermaids, circus-themed looks, pirates and the 80’s are all stand out themes this year.

In order, these are the 10 most popular costumes this year.

  1. Powerpuff Girls
  2. Pirate
  3. Circus
  4. Stranger Things
  5. Alien
  6. Mermaid
  7. Harley Quinn
  8. 80’s costume
  9. Poison Ivy
  10. Alice in Wonderland

I must have missed the Powerpuff Girls resurgence, but I’m so excited for an excuse to dress up like Bubbles again. I always felt her and I were on a similar wave length.

In the couples category, pop culture is also having a huge moment over traditional looks like witches, ghosts and ghouls.

Searches for Halloween couples costumes  are up 367% and “BFF Halloween costumes”  are up 250%. The most popular results are:

  1. Lilo and Stitch
  2. Timon and Pumba
  3. Woody and Bo Beep
  4. Velma and Daphne
  5. Pulp fiction

If group costumes are more your thing, Pinterest reckons you might want to consider these top choices

  1. Stranger things
  2. The Powerpuff Girls
  3. Lion King
  4. Aladdin
  5. Toy Story (the top trending characters are Bo Beep, Slinky Dog, and Buzz Lightyear).

Trending makeup

Saves for “Halloween makeup videos” are up 1073% percent, which goes to show how many people are relying on makeup as a big part of their costume. This year, gals are turning to the box office for Halloween beauty inspo. Saves for Stranger Things up a whopping 1569%, The Lion King also shot up 954% and the Powerpuff Girls increased by 317%. On top of that characters like Jasmine from Aladdin are super popular searches for this year probably because of all those live-action reboots.

Movies and shows aside, Pinners (Pinheads? Pineroos?) are also looking to aliens and porcelain dolls for their beauty looks this Halloween. Searches for  “cute clown makeup” (if that even exists) are up 370% and saves for “pretty clown makeup” up 280%.

So, what are you wearing this spooky season?

Words by Emma Roffey