11 Drunken Mistakes WAY Worse Than A One Night Stand

15 December 2017

Now I’m not here to tell you that you should regret that humping sesh you had with a complete stranger last night (was it Bob or Rob?), I’m actually a firm advocate for enjoying the pleasures a strangers bod can bring. But sometimes, when you roll over, hung AF, wanting to die, and see Rob or Bob snoring next to you (sporting a tuft of back hair you didn’t initially notice in your drunken state I might add), you sometimes wince a wee bit and think ‘oops’.

Well if this happens and you want to feel better, check out these drunken mistakes that are far worse than random peen play…

1 – You have a MASSIVE fight with your bestie over something trivial and stupid 👯💔

Send her a message ASAP gf!

2 – You cheat on your SO 💋🙅

Inebriation is no excuse.

3 – You eat meat even though you’re an avid vegetarian (just me?) 🐄🙄

That poor cow.

4 – You shovel dem’ tasty wangs down your gob quicker than you can order them, even though you’ve been on a strict diet all week 🤷

5 – You tell your boss he/she’s a plonker and that you hate your job 😒🍆

Oh dear… best be packing up your desk come Monday.

6 – You forget to take your makeup off and wake up with it crusted everywhere 🤡

Bitch, your pores are going to be grubby AF.

7 – You take your clothes off in a public space 😳 🙋

No one would mind if it was Nico!

8 – You get a tattoo 💉

Dat shit’s forever man.

9  – You spend a LOT of money on something ridiculous 🤑💵🎪

BRB, gotta take my new goat home.

10 – You text your ex that you miss them 😬

Ain’t no going back.

11 – You break something performing a cartwheel because you were ‘once’ good at gymnastics 🤸🤦