COVID-19 UPDATE: Here’s All The Information You Need

16 March 2020

Hey gang!

So we know everyone is panicking about CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 (us too) and if you’re anything like us, going onto most media news sites is like being inundated with mixed messaging about all things doom and gloom. This isn’t great for keeping calm and all that jazz, so we’ve compiled a list of actually useful information that can keep you away from yet another hysteria inducing headline.


Coronavirus: The Real Risks and Human Biases behind the Panic 

Ignore the headline, this article made me understand the virus and consequences of not self-isolating more than ANYTHING else I’ve read. It’s written by the dude that wrote best-seller ‘The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck’ so you know it’s written in an easy-to-digest manner (no big science terms) and you may even crack a few smiles.

‘Don’t Worry’ Is an Act of Selfishness

This article by the cut highlights the importance of following protocol and giving up our ‘oh well’ and ‘it will be fine’ attitudes.

When will a coronavirus vaccine be ready?

In general, The Guardian is a fantastic source of news because it’s timely, fact-based and un-biased. I found this article super interesting as I for one have wondered this very question on the reg.

Separating the Facts From the Misinformation About COVID-19

This is a really accessible list of the most commonly asked questions and responses with official guidance and medical advice.

“To The Rest Of The World, You Have No Idea What’s Coming”: Man Lists 6 Stages Italy Has Gone Through

Although it’s a little bit ‘fear mongering’ I think this dudes tweets really highlight how much this situation has exacerbated in Italy.


Joe Rogan – Michael Osterholm 

In a wide-ranging interview, the infectious disease expert discusses all things coronavirus: How can public policy and individual actions shape the trajectory of the pandemic? Why is COVID-19 a particularly worrying illness, and how does it compare to past pandemics? Joe Rogan’s interview style keeps the scientific nature of the discussion palatable and overall, it’s interesting AF.


ABC Radio’s daily 10-minute podcast is easy to digest and provides accurate, up-tp-date into on the latest COVID-19 news.

Confronting a Pandemic

Global health officials have praised China and South Korea for the success of their efforts to contain the coronavirus. What are those countries getting right — and what can everyone else learn from them? The Daily is a really good daily (I know, who knew) podcast covering topical news stories and this episode is brill.


Jialan Cai is a Wuhan citizen who’s been in quarantine for the past two months due to the coronavirus outbreak. She gives us an insight into the her life under lockdown with her mum and grandma, where she plays badminton indoors, gardens on her balcony and practises the cello to pass the time.

I always love John Oliver’s news breakdowns on different topics, they’re informative and entertaining while still being a a trustworthy source of fact.

If you have an interesting podcast, video or post we should read – comment below!