23 Signs You’re One Of ‘Those’ Christmas People

14 November 2019

Ah Christmas people. We all know one. They’re out friends that are so into Christmas everyone else seems like The Grinch. They buy the best Christmas presents. They know every single word to every single Christmas carol and feel the need to sing them 365 days a year. It’s me. I am a Christmas person and I bloody love it. If Christmas is also your absolute fave time of the year and the sheer thought of the 26th of December brings tears to your eyes, chances are you’re one of us.

Still unsure? Here’s 22 signs you’re that Christmas person.

You watch Christmas movies all year round

merry christmas GIF

Love Actually, A Christmas Prince, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Home Alone. You’ve seen them all at least ten times. In fact, you even think Cameron Diaz deserves an Oscar for her work in The Holiday.

From November 1st your alarm tone is a Christmas carol

the mindy project GIF by HULU

Mine’s All I Want For Christmas Is You, obvi.

You have serious opinions on the Love Actually vs The Holiday debate

love actually pointing GIF

The Holiday is better, sorry but it’s a fact.

You’re adamant Die Hard is not a Christmas movie

bruce willis got invited to the christmas party by mistake who knew GIF

I’ll fight anyone with jingle bells who says it is.

Your Christmas tree goes up in November

the mindy project christmas GIF by HULU

Preferably November 1st.

You hate Halloween

funny gif GIF

EUGH, Halloween is the only thing stopping Christmas from happening in October.

You take the office Secret Santa a little two seriously

secret santa fox GIF by New Girl

I will take my Secret Santa alias to the grave, got it?

You make a Christmas baking list…and check it twice

christmas cookies GIF by Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

I’m very put out because someone in my team doesn’t like nutmeg and that throws out my WHOLE menu.

You’re constantly categorising people as naughty or nice

pop katy GIF

Once they’re on the naughty list, it’s VERY hard to get off it.

You still wake up early on Christmas morning as an adult

christmas morning GIF by Hallmark Channel

But apparently your parents don’t think it’s cute anymore.

You’re secretly jealous Elf On The Shelf wasn’t around when you were a kid

tv show lol GIF by Man Of The People with Pat Tomasulo

All we got was some dodgy reindeer hoof prints made from flour.

Christmas jumpers are your wardrobe staple…even if you’re Australian

season 6 abc GIF by The Goldbergs

Am I too hot? Yes. Is your negative energy making it worse? Also yes.

Taking your significant other on a tour of house Christmas lights is a non-negotiable

jim carrey christmas lights GIF

Making them put your lights up is even better.

Your favourite dessert is gingerbread (preferably in the shape of a house)

gingerbread house a legendary christmas GIF by NBC

But don’t actually eat it. We spend too long decorating them to ruin it like that.

From mid-November your house looks like it was taken over by elves

miracles of christmas GIF by Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

And it stays that way until mid-January if I’m honest.

You use snow in a can to decorate our Christmas tree

happy erin cahill GIF by Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

I’m dreaming of a white christmas, okay? Sue me.

You blow your budget on presents every year

Parks And Recreation Christmas GIF

Every year you say you won’t but Afterpay says you will.

You fantasise about Christmas dinner for far too long

bbc party GIF by britbox

Shotgun the leftovers.

Your pets have Christmas costumes

french bulldog dog GIF

What else would they wear in their Santa photo?

Your Christmas playlist starts earlier than Westfield’s

love actually GIF by Maudit

All I want for Christmas is for Mariah Carey to be played all-year-round.

You’d rather drink a Gingerbread latter than a pumpkin spice latte

elf GIF

Pumpkin spice? I don’t know her.

Not even the Boxing Day sales make you feel better about the fact Christmas is over for another year

Sad Bill Murray GIF

The post-Christmas blues are real.

You genuinely feel offended when someone asks you, “Isn’t it a little early for Christmas?”

happy music video GIF by PatrickStarrr

Of course someone on the naughty list would say that.

BRB, putting up my Christmas tree, Emma Roffey