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20 Signs You’re Pretty Sh*t At Saving Money

24 September 2018

There’s a fine line between being frugal and being a cheapskate – unfortunately, sometimes the lack of pennies in the bank means you just have to cut your losses and hope your friends aren’t talking about your tight ass ways too much behind your back… (but let’s face it, they probably are). So for my gal pals who are also shite at saving money, I feel you, desperate times call for desperate measures.

While we’ve always lived by the motto “spend now and save later” – if you’re guilty of more than 10 things in the below list, then it might be time to start reading some of those boring articles on how to take control of your finances.

Signs your shit at saving money…

1. Your friends invite you out for dinner but you tell them you’ve already got dinner plans so will meet them afterwards (and then enjoy yourself a burger from the McDonalds Loose Change Menu).

2. When your monthly paycheck comes in and literally one hour later there’s no sign of the money.

3. You go on Tinder dates just so you can get a free meal.

4. You’ve used After Pay so much that you actually have nightmares about them contacting you for the rest of the payments.

5. You tell friends that you’ve decided to walk everywhere for the month of September because you don’t want to tell them you can’t afford to get petrol.

6. You look in your wardrobe and realise that you could probably pay a year’s rent with what you’ve spent on clothes… but hey, at least you look good…

7. You pretend you’re going for a balayage look to make up for the fact you don’t want to fork out the money at the hairdressers for your roots.

8. You drink bottles of Passion Pop in the privacy of your own home – and then meet the gals afterwards telling them you just had a couple of drinks at a different venue.

9. You’ve Googled “How to find a Sugar Daddy”.

10. You’ve scanned avocados in as brown potatoes at the supermarket.*

11. You go in every radio competition that’s giving away free cash – even though you’re pretty sure your boss is onto your ways.

12. You make friends with your neighbour just so you can try and discover their WiFi passwords – nothing greater than Free WiFi when saving money.

13. You hover near personal training sessions in the park and copy what they do because you had to cancel your gym pass.

Image result for bridesmaids movie personal training gif

14. You pride yourself on your ability to make Kmart homeware purchases look fancy.

15. You conveniently “forget” to get a present whenever it’s anybody’s birthday.

16. You suggest going camping when the girls start talking about a weekend trip away.

17. You’ve been known to buy an outfit, wear it, and then return it… on more than one occasion.*

18. You love to go to About Life just to try all the free samples.

19. You’ve kept every little shampoo and conditioner bottle from every hotel you’ve ever stayed at (and maybe a couple of the towels too).

20. You are the queen of regifting – in fact, you can’t remember the last gift that you actually held on to.

Are you good at saving? If you are, PLSSSSSS comment below your best tips.

*Disclaimer – We do not condone any of the above behaviours, this was written in jest.