5 Things Millennials Are Guilty Of Doing

09 January 2018

As a millennial, I’ve been accused of more things than I can handle. Killing the diamond industry, being lazy AF and “entitled”, eating avo on toast instead of saving for a house (this one may be slightly true), telling me how my generation is afraid of working hard and that we are all special snowflakes… The list goes on.

You know what? Here are some things that I am actually guilty of doing as a millennial, so if you blame me for any of the below, I will wholeheartedly take responsibility.

  1. Check my socials first thing every morning. Here’s how the routine goes; first wherever the notifications are, then Facebook, Instagram, emails, twitter, snapchat, and repeat. There’s never anything important, and I may be doing the same thing for the next hour on the bus, but it gives me an excuse to lie in bed for another ten minutes…

  2. Snapchatting or insta-storying every moment of my life. Adding cute filters makes me feel more glamorous and it’s pretty amusing. I won’t shy away from a boomerang or two, especially on a night out. Shut up, my 3 followers love it.

  3. Sarcasm; including the famous “sorry not sorry”, slow clapping, and saying “lol” ironically. I’m so sarcastic that people don’t know when I’m being serious, I’m not sure if this one is a gift or a curse. Does it make me look like a tool?  Probably. Do I care? Not really.

  4. Using apps to summon whatever I want from the internet. Getting hungry? Order delivery! Need to get somewhere? Order an uber! Bored? Do your grocery shopping! Need to meet a boy? Tinder is here to save the day! You name it, if you need it – there’s an app for that!

  5. Have meme friends. Friends who I solely communicate through tagging each other in meme’s or sending meme reacts. It’s a thing I swear. The unspoken language keeps the spirit alive.

Words by Samira Hoque.