35 Life Regrets We’ve All Lived Through

Those people who say they don’t regret a thing they’ve done have definitely not “done” half the things I have. I mean, I try not to dwell on past mistakes… but seriously, they’re a daily occurrence. So I’m writing a list. A list of things that I totally regret doing – and pretty sure I’m not alone (P.s. and yep, this list just touches the edge)…

  1. Why did I break up with my true love for that total douchebag?
  2. Why did I decide to get that shitty tattoo with my bff’s name on it?
  3. Why did I think wearing a crop top to that all-you-can-eat bbq was a good idea?
  4. Why did I not pack flats with me for that all-day event? These heels hurt like a mother focaccia
  5. Why did I turn down that dream job to go traveling?
  6. Why did I turn down traveling for a job?
  7. Why did I drunk dial my ex?
  8. Why did I decide that having sex without a condom would be cool? I’ll tell you what’s not cool. Having to tell the doctor you want the Morning After Pill… again…
  9. Why didn’t I start doing Instagram when it first came out?
  10. Why would I tell the boss what I actually really thought of her idea when she asked me what I really thought of her idea?
  11. Why did I wear that white swimming costume to that pool party? Seeee throughhhhhhhh…
  12. Why didn’t I diet harder before that party?
  13. Why did I start up a conversation with that old man next to me on the train? Gross
  14. Why did I decide to have 17 espresso martinis last night. Whyyyyyyyyyy?????
  15. Why did I cut my hair short? It sucks
  16. Why did I agree to babysit on a Saturday night and completely ruin my weekend?
  17. Why did I spend my entire week’s pay in that first hour and now have 6 days and 23 hours until I can do anything?
  18. Why did I buy those jeans in a size too small hoping they’d stretch?
  19. Why did I wear a g-string with my floaty short skirt on a windy day?
  20. Why did I text back that boring as f*ck guy and now have to sit through the worssssst date of my life?
  21. Why did I go to the beach all day with oil and no sunscreen? Ooops
  22. Why did I decide to have sex when we’d had Mexican for dinner?
  23. Why did I press “send” on that email to my boss that was supposed to be for my friend?
  24. Why did I flip the bird to the guy in the car next to me – only to discover he looks like a badass truckie that definitely may have killed someone at one time or another?
  25. Why did I binge eat allllll that Messina? So unnecessary
  26. Why did I not pay my Netflix bill and now can’t watch Riverdale?
  27. Why did I tell my parents I was seeing someone new and now that’s all they ask me about?
  28. Why did I not ask Kylie to delete that totally heinous pic of me from the party and now she’s put it up on Instagram?
  29. Why did I not wax before getting into my bikini?
  30. Why did I let my friend borrow my favourite dress for her date even though I knew it was probably going to end up on the floor with suspect patches on it?
  31. Why did I go to that concert without peeing first?
  32. Why didn’t I go to my gym class? (Repeated most days)
  33. Why did I stay working at Maccas for sooooo long and waste my teen?
  34. Why did I get trollied the night before my first day in a new job?
  35. Why didn’t I try and become best friends with Kimmy K when she first came out to Australia and nobody knew who she was?

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