11 Weight Loss Hacks You Need To Know

17 August 2018

In this article, we are not encouraging weight loss by any means. This is intended for people who are looking to lose weight for themselves or for health reasons, not to fit a certain size or beauty standard. This was written to encourage people to live a more healthy lifestyle and feel comfortable within their own skin and live life to the best of their abilities.

Drink up, especially before meals

We all know water has a ton of health benefits – glowing skin, better mood, more energy – but it can also help (and is kinda integral to) losing weight. Drinking water can boost your metabolism, plus it fills you up. Even eating foods that contain a lot of water (like veggies and fruits) is a great way to feel fuller for longer when you’re trying to cut down. The best way water helps you lose weight? Drinking around 500ml before each meal has been shown to lead to fewer calories consumed. It’s a real winner!

Eat a ton of blueberries

Not only are they a great substitute when you’re looking for something sweet at 3pm, blueberries are also packed to the brim with antioxidants, which will help your skin, protect against free radicals and lower your risk of disease. The best part though? They’re loaded with anthocyanin, a chemical shown to alter the gene activity in fat cells, making it tougher to put on weight. We’re off to buy a few dozen punnets!

Walk everywhere you can

If you dread every run or hard core gym sesh with a deep passion, this could be a real game changer. Turns out walking is one of the best ways to tone up and torch calories when you’re incorporating it constantly into your routine. Increasing your daily steps will not only boost your daily calorie burn but can also slash stress levels, which makes losing weight easier. Considering that sitting is tipped to be the new smoking, it’s worth getting up for a walk around your office every hour. Bonus points if you make it out for a stroll at lunch.

Embrace the fat(s)

The days of reaching for fat free options are over. Fat is one of the best things to consume to help you feel full without turning to comfort (carby) foods. It will balance your blood sugar, which cuts the cravings, plus helps you absorb vital nutrients – a strong case for adding that avo to your salad. It’s more about sticking to the right fats when you’re trying to lose weight, like nuts, seeds, cooking oils (like olive and coconut) fatty fish, lean meats and eggs.

Cut the sugar

We know, we know, but sugar is scary stuff and even though you’re restricting calories and healthy eating like a champ, sneaky sugar could be derailing all your weight loss goals. Even just paying close attention to the sugars in “healthy” foods will give you an idea of just how much you may be consuming without you realising. We’d rather not consume a ton of sugar in our pasta sauce or juices and save ourselves for a little chocolate instead!


Gone are the days of slogging it out Taylor Swift style for hours on the dreadmill (thank god). If you haven’t jumped on board the HIIT train yet, it’s time. The latest research has shown that exercise is best done in quick and hard “bursts” of hardcore activity to spike your heart rate, followed by short periods of rest. There’s no need to pay hundreds of dollars a month for this simple concept, you can even use your own body weight to get your exercise in at home in as little as 10 minutes.

Prioritise sleep

Contrary to popular belief, prioritising sleep isn’t lazy, it can actually help you achieve your fitness goals quicker. Getting a solid 8 hours each night will not only help the body rest and repair from any exercise you’re doing, but also directly affect the number of kilojoules you consume the next day. We all know when we’re tired our urge to reach for that naughty snack gets higher and higher. It’s actually been shown that we are likely to have more cravings and eat more sugar, salt and deep-fried foods because our body is searching for quick and easy energy sources when we are tired. Get to bed early so you’re not reaching for those sugary snacks all day.

Get fasting

Intermittent fasting has gained some real traction of late in the health community and for good reason. It’s an excellent way to lower your weekly calorie intake while still enjoying the good life. If you haven’t yet found a style of fasting to suit you, why not try a “light day”, a slightly easier way to incorporate a break for your body from the onslaught of calories. It’s often easy done on a Monday after you’ve (slightly) indulged over the weekend and are looking to lighten up! Just stick to vegetable soups and salads to keep those calories down for the day.

Spill (er sip) the tea

No, we’re not talking about teas that promise to help you lose kilos in a couple of days like magic, but real salt of the earth, old fashioned tea. We’ve done the legwork and it turns out many of our most envied celeb bodies are sippin’ on tea all day, every day. If it’s good enough for Kendall Jenner and Steph Claire Smith then it’s good enough for us.

Don’t banish treats

Cutting foods out completely or making your favourite indulgences “no foods” is the quickest way to you binging…hard. If you are desperately craving something, have it, ideally before you’ve had the chance to think about it too much. It’s shown you’re more likely to move on and continue making healthier choices for your day than if you debate not having it, then start thinking of ten other things you can have later instead. It will also promote a healthy relationship with food helping you to keep weight off long term.

Spice it up

Turns out there are a ton of delicious spices to add to foods that not only make them more tasty, but to also help you lose weight. Chilli powder is a damn double threat when it comes to slashing the kilos, thanks to it increasing energy expenditure (hello heat!) and making you eat slower. Tumeric has even more amazing benefits, stopping fat cells from forming or even reducing their size – incredible! Garlic raises your body temp, potentially speeding up your metabolism, and ginger has been shown to normalise blood-sugar levels to stop those cravings kicking in. We’ll take it all!

The material published on this blog is intended for general information only and is not professional/medical/legal advice.

Tips & tricks by Cassidy Loane