11 Memes To Make You LOL This Friday

23 February 2018

  1. How I react when I know it’s time for me to parallel park

2. When you’re picking someone up and they make you wait more than 5 seconds to come outside

3. When you move too much & the snapchat filter comes off

4. When you’ve been working hard for 1 hour but you’re still not a millionaire

5. “You’re like 5ft, you won’t do shit”

6. When people walk slow in front of you

7. When you smell a certain liquor and it brings you back to the time you almost died

8. Me my best friend: “Let’s just have one drink tonight”

9. Me when I ask for the price of something & it’s expensive AF so I gotta act like I’m thinking about it…

10. Not sure if Will Smith or Rihanna?

11. When you tryna snap a nice pic and it flips to the front facing camera