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18 Actually Cute Couples Costumes For Halloween

30 October 2019

Sure, everyone thinks Valentine’s Day is the most loved up holiday of the year but really is there any declaration of love more public than a Halloween couples costume? I don’t think there is. So whether you’re declaring your love for your significant other or your BFF, consider these couples costumes for the upcoming spooky season.

Barbie & Ken

Is there any couple more iconic than Ken and Barbie? Okay, maybe Beyonce and Jay-Z but technically if you steal this look you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Burger & Fries

Speaking of winning combinations, nothing is more satisfying after a long (and messy) Halloween party than a Maccas cheeseburger and fries. Skip to the good part with this epic couples costume.

Alice & The White Hare

Okay, so I wouldn’t call this “cute” but there’s no denying this couples costume is very Halloween. Bonus points if you can rope in a third wheel to play the Mad Hatter.

Taco Belle

This couples costume works double-time because even when you’re apart from your lover your outfit can stand alone.

The Black Swan & White Swan

This look is Natalie Portman approved and to be honest what more do you need?


Look at the little Batman! I can’t! Wear this, be cute, DM me the pics.

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They got candy? LEGO!

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Harley Quinn & The Joker

Should heroes not be your vibe, play the counterparts Harley Quinn & The Joker.

The Wet Bandits

Home Alone might be a Christmas movie but Halloween is the perfect time to start getting festive as a couple.

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Silver tuna tonight #HomeAlone #90sparty

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Jackson Maine & Ally

Minus the messy love triangle.

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Happy 🎃

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Morticia & Gomez Addams

I don’t know how Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner made Thing Addams work for their outfit but it’s working for me.

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Happy Halloween from Morticia & Gomez Addams

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Justin Timberlake & A Microphone

TBH, if Justin Timberlake was my husband I’d want any excuse to dress up like him too.


We’re not trolling you, this couples costume is cute to boot.

Sad Clowns

If you need a little hand getting the makeup down pat, we’ve got you covered.

The Clovers

Nobody said couples costumes were restricted to relationships. This epic throwback-inspired look is some of Gabriela Union’s finest work.

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Brought It. #CaliforniaLove

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Sandy Olsson & Danny Zuko

The most iconic of all Halloween looks, even Jessica Simpson has gotten in on this easy-to-create look before.

Dorothy & The Cowardly Lion

Is there anything sweeter than this take on The Wizard Of Oz’s best characters?

Charlie Chaplin & Groucho Marks

If you want your couples costume to be a little cultured, this is your look.

The Queen & Prince Phillip

And finally, from one iconic duo to another, Prince Phillip and The Queen will always be our go-to.

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