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Apps You Need To Nail Your Instagram Game

18 June 2018

Remember the good old days of Instagram when you could take a picture of your avocado toast, throw on Instagram’s Clarendon filter, and go about your daily business? Now, it almost feels like you need a degree in graphic designing to keep up with the kids. Except you don’t. Truth is, all you need is a few little phone apps to take your Instagram from zero to hero.

Below, we give a rundown of the 5 apps you need to have you lifting your IG game and looking like a pro…

  1. UNUM

Makeup looking on fleek but worried your 7th selfie in a row might start to stuff up your feed’s whole “look”? Before you go posting and then having to delete, plan it all out beforehand using the UNUM app. It shows you a view of your current feed and then lets you load up to 18 more photos (or more if you pay) – to give you an idea of what your feed would look like with the new pics. You can then move the posts around (or delete) until you’re happy with the aesthetic – and then post away to Instagram without any cares. It’s pure Insti gold.

  1. VSCO

The darling of the Insti world for years (although some people have jumped ship to SnapSeed and now Lightroom for Mobile) – VSCO basically has a ton of filters that give you heaps more options (and waaaaay better) than the ones available in the Instagram app. What’s more, you can use the app to really turn editing expert by using their tools to play around with a picture’s brightness, saturation, clarity and even add a bit of grain (which influencer doesn’t love a bit of grain).

  1. FaceTune

If you don’t know this app, are you even on Instagram? But just in case you’re living in the dark ages – FaceTune basically lets you do things like smooth out your skin, remove pimples, make a fat arm thin… you know – create a better version of yourself (now why can’t I FaceTune myself IRL – that’s an app I’d pay good money for). But despite its name, FaceTune doesn’t have to be all about the face. You can use it to whiten flatlays, add details to your breakfast bowl, and even remove strangers from the background of your picture. Genius.

  1. HypeType

Sick of the 5 font options you get on your Instagram Stories? HypeType has a whole alphabet worth of options, plus the delivery of the font makes you look fully pro. It also has the option of adding music to your Story… did I mention pro?!

  1. InShot

Feel like getting real artsy? InShot is the kween of the collage (but without looking naf) – just pick the images you want and then it will give you a host of design options (e.g four in a row, or one big one at the top, or in diamonds, or… there’s heaps. Check it out.) And it’s also got some pretty cool things you can do with just one photo or video to add some sweet upgrades to the standard post.