The 11 Stylish Insti Kids You Need To Follow

12 July 2018

They may be only small in size, but there’s a whole lot of kids on Instagram giving the grown-ups a run for their money when it comes to the style stakes. And not only are they dressing like a boss, but they manage to look adorable in the process (something we haven’t been able to pull off in years).

Here, we take a look as the tots taking Instagram news feeds by storm…

Liv_and_willow (96.9k followers)

With an impressive following for girls so young, sisters Liv and Willow have already managed to perfectly nail the blue steel – Ben Stiller would be proud. Modelling world watch out – could we be seeing the making of the next Gigi and Bella?

Yana_Marash (21.9K followers)

Run by their mother, 3-year-old Matvey and his younger sister Milana (two years old) have got style down to an art. Think everything from ripped jeans, to ball gowns with boots, and always highly accessorised – these are two stylish tots.

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Babyjanou (47.8k followers)

4-year-old Janel from France has the cutest afro you ever did see… and the dreamiest of wardrobes with an eclectic closet of everything from yoga wear to pink flares to leather jackets teamed with a tutu.

StellaandBlaise (68.6k followers)

Talking about fab afros, brother and sister duo Stella and Blaise are both rocking a set of blonde afros that are pretty damn epic. These are two cool kids – with connies and denim a favourite in the family.

Fashion_laerta (1 million followers)

The Chiara Ferragni of the children’s Instablogging world, mini fashionista Laerta has already appeared in publications such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. Don’t be surprised to see this one decked out in the likes of Balmain, Guess, and Dolce & Gabbana.

Kamyczki (20.1k followers)

And the princess award goes to Kamila from Kamyczki. With the prettiest frocks and skirts, bows and ribbons in her hair, and blonde cascading wavy locks – Kamila is the sweetest little thing. Adorable.

Ruthymello (38.6k followers)

Sharing the account with her mum, 3-year-old Nicoly likes to step out in her labels… and she ain’t afraid to show it. From Gucci belts to Moschino tees, Nicholy bears her wares with pride.

Lendel.Couture (60.7k followers)

With a mum that’s a fashion influencer (Nadia Lendel from @miss.lendel), it’s little surprise daughters Jemimah and Leah are already in the Instablogging game. And while we’re a fan of all their outfits – our faves would have to be when mother and daughters all dress the same… triple threat!

MiaSaidNo (36.5k followers)

Featuring Vada (4) and Nova (2), big sister Vada is pretty much what model dreams are made of. Already. If you can pry your eyes away from the lust-worthy clothes, take a look at the faces this one has mastered. Sah, sah good… and they say never to work with children. Wrong.

Ryansecret (134k followers)

Parents – watch out for your little girl around this smooth operator, he looks like he’s already set to be a lady killer at just 4 years old. European men’s styling at its best.

Zooeyinthecity (132k followers)

Half Japanese and half Vietnamese, Zooey Miyoshi is maybe our favourite for outfit inspo (and yes, we do realise it’s slightly strange to be getting style inspo from a kid – but have you seen her outfits??!!) We’ll take one of everything, from the bikinis to the docs to the leather jackets.