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Signs Your Instagram Obsession Has Gone Too Far

15 January 2018

If you think I’m judging you for your Instagram usage, I’m not. I’m guilty of ALL the signs included below. Yep, to the dismay of my BF – you can often find me under the doona covers at 3am, scrolling through my feed and hoping the light doesn’t wake him up [*It quite often does. ** He’s quite often not happy about it].

But while I’ll openly admit I have a problem – I also refuse to change. Sometimes I’ll go through a digital detox [like over the Christmas break] and it feels GLORIOUS – but then I do get pretty happy when it’s time to return to the Gram and check up on all the avocado toast and brightly coloured brick walls I’ve missed out on.

So if you, like me, think you might have a slight over-addiction to Insti and find yourself nodding your head to all the 10 signs below 10 – then yes, I’d say you’re obsessed. But that’s okay, cos so am I…

  1. You’ve done the heart emoji on so many posts you can’t count – not because you’re a sicko stalker, but because you genuinely love them all.
  2. You spend over an hour taking a thousand selfies… and then post just one… and only to your Insta Stories (it’s got to be reaaaaalllll good to make it to the feed these days, amiright?!)
  3. You watch Insta Stories while you’re on the toilet. So glamorous.
  4. You’ve gone so far back on someone’s Instagram account that you’ve hit the pictures of them at school wearing their uniform and doing a daggy smile at the camera.
  5. You wake up in the middle of the night and rather than turning over and going back to sleep you decide it’s the perfect time to check up on what’s going on in your Insta feed.
  6. You see an influencer at Bondi Beach and go up to them and chat as though they’re your friend (handy hint: they’re not).
  7. You decide you desperately want a drone – cos you know, your 400 friends on Instagram totally need to see aerial views of you swimming at the local watering hole.
  8. You get annoyed when you get a picture with friends and they all put their arms around each other and smile directly at the camera. Candids people, candids.
  9. You know all the intimate details of your favourite influencers – who they dated previously, who they’re dating now, what they’re allergic to, when they’ve had a bad day, when they’ve got their dream gig…
  10. You’ve started a New Year, New Diet… not because you want to feel good about yourself, but so you look good on the Gram. It’s all about the Gram.
Words by Yelena Fairfax