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Was Your Behaviour Understandable Or Psycho?

16 August 2018

Your blood starts boiling, you see red, and the inner beast starts to run a little rampant. Sound familiar? Rage can happen to the best, but it’s what you do with that rage that can determine how crazy you really are.

So next time you feel yourself going a little wild inside, try and stay within the lines of understandable (slightly insane, but we get it) as opposed to going full blazing psycho (stark, raving demented).

  1. The car beside you blocks you from entering into the lane

Understandable: Giving them the finger, a hoot, and then driving off faster than necessary

Psycho: Jumping out of the car and bashing on their car window while screaming at them

  1. Your friend borrows your super expensive new dress and returns it with a stain

Understandable: Sending your friend the bill for dry cleaning

Psycho: Going over to your friend’s house with a bucket of red paint and throwing it over all her clothes

  1. You find out the number of the girl your bf has been cheating on you with

Understandable: Phone her and have a heated convo about the fact she’s sleeping with your boyfriend

Psycho: Send her threatening messages every 15 minutes then track down her house and leave sinister notes under her doorstep that you know her mum is going to find

  1. You spot a hair in your salad at a restaurant

Understandable: Send your meal back to the kitchen and ask to have the replacement for free

Psycho: Loudly tell everyone in the restaurant what has happened, leave comments on their social media and yours, and then leave exaggerated bad reviews about them online

  1. Your friend has a party and doesn’t invite you

Understandable: You take her off your own party list and decide that your Saturday brunch dates are over for at least the next two weeks

Psycho: Bitching about her to anyone who listens and telling them anything nasty she’s ever said about them behind their back  – no matter how far back it goes

  1. Your bf doesn’t answer his phone

Understandable: Five phone calls and five messages asking him where the eff he is

Psycho: Working out his Apple ID and using the “Find my iPhone” app to track him down and turn up unannounced

  1. You find out you didn’t get a payrise

Understandable: Calmly chatting to your boss about the reasons why you think you deserve a payrise before going out with your bestie and sinking vodkas while discussing how your boss is a big fat unreasonable cow

Psycho: Storming into your boss’ office and angrily swiping everything off her desk while telling her she’s made a “big mistake. Big. Huge.”

  1. Your parents throw the curfew curveball

Understandable: Sneak out anyway

Psycho: Steal your parent’s car keys and drive straight to your family lawyer to file for emancipation.