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21 Hilarious Tweets About Childhood Vs Adulthood

17 October 2019

You might have noticed I write about Twitter a lot. Despite the fact I hardly ever tweet myself, I could spend hours trawling through my newsfeed doing that weird little exhale that stands in place of an actual LOL on the platform. In my opinion, only the funniest people Tweet (a certain President excluded).

One of my favourite Twitter trends is when users pose a question and the entire internet answers. For example, Twitter user @abbygov started this rhetoric:

The best part about this thread is that you can definitely identify yourself in the responses. For example, I feel VERY aligned with this tweet and my boss would 100% back me up on it.

You’ll also recognise the personality traits of your friends, family and coworkers. Speaking of my boss, this tweet is definitely stolen straight out of the pages of her diary.

Get a glimpse at your former and current selves with these craking responses.

If you’re so inclined, make sure to tell us in the comments what childhood anecdote perfectly sums up your attempt at #Adulting.

Fiesty, but true.

I wanted a dog so bad I made my parents a Powerpoint presentation about it. Ask anyone I know now and they’d tell you this is EXACTLY who I am now (aka a giant nerd).

That’s metal.

We’ve all gone this far to prove a point in our lives.

I did this too and now I’m using it as back up to not invite random friends of my parents to my wedding.

100% this was Nick’s Myspace song.

Dramatic for a cause.

Saltier than a fry from McDonald’s.

A mood.


I know WAY too many people who this could happen to.

I want a coming-of-age Netflix movie about this.

The important question is, did anyone donate any?

My brother once ran me over with a push bike…on my birthday.

Way harsh Steph however I can’t say I haven’t been tempted.

Hear this: Bougie babies are the best babies.

A power move.

Again, a huge power move. I stan all of these powerful babies-turned-adults.