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The 10 Totally Embarrassing Things We’ve All Been Guilty Of Doing

13 August 2018

There are some things in life that just happen, no matter how much we try our best to be perfect little humans who never do anything cringe-worthy. Sadly, we’re not perfect. In fact, sometimes we’re really not perfect. Luckily, there’s heaps of us all over the world doing awkward things everyday. Every damn day. You are not alone.

Below, we take a look at some of the more common embarrassing moments that you’d rather not confess to…

  1. Laughing when it’s totally inappropriate

I mean, I know when my friend is telling me her super sad story that it’s definitely not the time or place for a laugh, but somehow my body didn’t get the memo. It’s like it’s awkwardly doing it because it doesn’t know how to react. Please accept my body’s apologies.

  1. Walking out of the club bathrooms with toilet paper on your shoe

Yep, been there done this many a time. Hopefully for you, there’s some nice club goer nearby who helps a sister out before you get in too deep (like DF too deep) – but unfortunately, sometimes you don’t get that lucky.

  1. Sending a text to the person you’re talking about

Ouch. Yep, also guilty (are you sensing a pattern? Embarrassment central over here). You know when one of your friends is really pissing you off and you decide to have a good ol’ bitch about it with your other friend? Don’t then send it to the person you’re bitching about. It never goes down well.

  1. Accidentally letting a fart slip

You try to cover it, look at the person next to you, cough loudly – but you and everyone else around you know who the culprit was. No getting out of this one, sorry.

  1. Liking your date’s pic on social media from two years ago

You’ve gone on one date and it was so-so, but now you know you can never, ever see him again as you were scrolling waaaaaay too deep and accidentally double-tapped. No amount of untapping can take that away. It’s out there in the universe. Good luck explaining that one.

  1. Spotted picking your nose at the traffic lights

I don’t care if it’s a grandma in the car next to you or the hottest man alive, it’s always shame spiral time until those bloody lights go green when you’re caught with your finger digging around your nostrils.

  1. Drunk dialing an ex

Why oh why is the phone just so appealing when you’re a few drinks down? If anyone has ever had a long-term success story come out of drunk dialing an ex – I want to know about it (cos it’s sure an enigma to me).

  1. Telling your friends you’re vegetarian and getting caught with your face in a Maccas cheeseburger

Any good friend will understand – but it’s still kinda embarrassing when you’ve spent the past few weeks lecturing your friends on all the nasties of meat only to be sprung with a mouth full of beef pattie.

  1. Asking a fat lady when her baby is due

Never, I repeat never, ask someone about their pregnancy unless they bring it up first. They may just be having a food baby – err on the side of caution with this one.

  1. Missing a step and falling flat on your face because you were on your phone

Ummm, look… this may have happened to me more than once. What can I say, my phone has so many important Instagram posts of people I don’t know that sometimes steps just become irrelevant.