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The Best Reactions To The Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premiere

15 April 2019

If you noticed a slight chill in your city today there’s a reason for it. That’s right ladies and gents, the final season of Game Of Thrones has finally aired and like Jon Snow promised, winter has come. Not one to let a premiere with this much hype getaway, Twitter has come through with the goods in terms of GOT reactions.

I’m not claiming to be a hero, but just so you know for the sake #journalism, I have completely spoiled the premiere for myself to bring you these reactions so don’t @ me in the comments. Read at your own risk and if you’re wondering how I felt about researching this article, it looked a little something like this:

Now spoiler warnings are out of the way, let’s begin.

For starters, showrunners decided to update the title sequence. But don’t worry, it’ll still give you chills.

Cersei has developed quite the obsession for elephants since we last saw her. If you cast your mind back three-eyed raven style to season 7 you’ll remember Cersei eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Golden Company to bolster the Lannister army.

The Golden Company promised Cersei 20,000 men, horses and elephants but in the ultimate plot twist of this whole franchise (not strictly true), they’re a no show. Uncharacteristically, Cersei is genuinely distraught the elephants don’t show up lamenting, “I wanted those elephants”. We haven’t seen Cersei this disappointed since all of her children died.

I could never get behind Cersei doing the deed with her brother Jamie but I do feel for a sister when her elephants don’t come through.

The premiere also immortalised a situation all pet-owners can relate to (minus the incest obvs):

While Jon is obviously getting a little tingly about his aunt/girlfriend, Sansa has joined the GOT subculture that hates Daenerys. Side note, who are those people? Dany is a boss ass bitch, get on board or GTFO.

But also:

Sansa’s sister Ayra is flexing a similar attitude when her frenemy The Hound shows up at Winterfell.

Later on, Jon FINALLY finds out he is a Targaryen and has a little bit of post-kissing cousins thinking to do.

But you know, at least he got to ride a dragon.

Until Emilia Clarke ruined the magic for us, thanks Emilia.

Besides, there is only one GOT pairing we stan and it’s this one:

All of the Stark children are in the mode for shade in this ep and tbh, I’m here for it. Bran is finally reunited with Jamie Lannister. You know the guy that pushed him out the window starting this whole situation we’ve been in for the last 7 years? Yeah, not cute.

My prediction for who will win the game of thrones? Glad you asked, my money is on this guy:

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“Spoiler alert.”

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That’s right, I stan Prince George. Now BRB while I wait for ep two.


The love of my life Joe Jonas was also very hyped up for the season premiere. His reaction? It’s priceless.

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Words by Emma Roffey (who is still salty about spoilers FYI)