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22 Memes That Sum Up Halloween In Australia

28 October 2019

Long, hot summers. Winters that hardly drop below 10°C. Tim Tams. The Hemsworth brothers. There’s a lot to love about living in Australia. Sadly, spooky season is not one of them. When it comes to Halloween in Australia, as a nation, we’re less than festive. But thankfully, we’re a country of great meme makers. Here are our favourite memes about Halloween (or lack thereof) in Australia.

Won’t somebody think of the goths?

Definitely tweeted by a goth:

There are two types of Australians.

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Halloween: Americans vs Australians

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Costume shopping doesn’t have to be that hard, TBH.

Loving Halloween in Australia can be gruelling.

It can make you the family outcast.

Dog person = not a Halloween person.

Hot tip: take the batteries out of the doorbell.

When we do Halloween, it looks like this:

Who has time for Halloween when the magpies are out?

We could turn them into the decor.

Technically not a lie.

I’m sorry, did you miss the part about the magpies?


I mean, C’mon.

RIP to all your creative friends

Christmas in October? Why TF not!

At least the lollies are on sale.

An entire 31 days of your Aunt Karen posting this on Facebook

People get REALLY upset.

I will never unsee this.

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Halloween, but make it Australian.

TBH, we’ve kind of given up.