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20 Totally Gross Things We’re ALL Guilty Of Doing

27 March 2019

You know it’s disgusting. If you saw or heard anyone else doing it, you’d think it’s disgusting – and you’d tell them so. But somehow or other – you ended up here, doing the things on this list (although, if anyone asks, you will deny, deny, deny).


  1. Leaving the dishes in the sink until the “next day” cos you just can’t be bothered doing them.

annoying things people do

  1. Using your flatmate’s soap bar (and we all know where that goes) because you’ve run out.

gross things

  1. Asking if you can pop your friend’s/partner’s zits… then being totally satisfied when it turned out to be a pussy one.


  1. Smelling your clothes to see if you can get away with wearing them another time before they need washing.

Gross things we all do

  1. Picking at your shellac, even though you 100 per cent know you outta get it professionally removed.

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  1. Doing a silent fart in bed and then trying to keep the covers down so the smells don’t waft too far.

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  1. Letting your shower get a massive drain hairball and then just hoping someone else cleans it out.

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  1. Not remembering when you last washed your makeup brushes.

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  1. Totally examining your pore strip after ripping it off.

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  1. Having sex and then not showering afterwards before going out in public.

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  1. Borrowing your partner’s toothbrush on holiday because you forgot yours (despite the fact you can get a disposable one for about $3).

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  1. Sniffing under your armpit to see if you smell.

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  1. Drinking milk after the expiry date because you’re desperate for your morning coffee and can’t be bothered leaving the house.

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  1. Irregularly washing your bra. Those things have plenty of wears in them before being washed, right?!

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  1. Peeing in the same cubicle as your girlfriends on a night out so you don’t have to wait in the line for as long.

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  1. Tweezering a chin hair out and then examining your work.

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  1. Not changing the sheets after sex (even though you’re pretty sure they got a bit of collateral damage inflicted on them).

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  1. Dropping food while doing the cooking and picking it up and putting it straight back into the saucepan.

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  1. Getting your period unexpectedly and making a homemade sanitary pad out of toilet paper.

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  1. Using the same foundation for years, even though it’s definitely waaaay past its expiry date.

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So many of these correlate with our annoying things video! What would you add to the list!?