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Here Are 24 Of The Funniest SNL Skits

20 March 2020

Can you guys believe that Saturday Night Live has been on the air for 43 years? It’s one of my fave things to watch on YouTube and in these times of social distancing, we sure as shit need entertainment. So as a HUGE fan of the show, I feel pretty qualified to recommend the funniest SNL skits but add yours in the comment section for extra recs.



Target lady is the excitement level we all need for our jobs.


Gotta’ love Andy having a great day.


Send this one to everyone you know who works in any sort of comms or design field.


OMG I can’t with their composure, it’s so good. ‘Schweddy Balls’


Any ‘The Office’ fan will cry with laughter over this one.


Harry Potter fans will enjoy this one…


Aidy Bryant is so good.


This will bring back mems of a bad kiss we’ve all had.


Classic Will Ferrell and Tom Hanks is just a mood.


Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of Trump is Oscar-worthy.



This is one of those skits that is not just funny but actually insanely clever.


Any skit involving Seth and KW is going to be good.


I lost it the first time Adele comes on…


‘I’m going to fuck that kid” – DED


Why everyone loves Aussies, we’re funny AF. Margot will leave you crying in this.



We all know that one couple where we just think… ‘how’.


I’ve watched this 18 times according to YT watch history.


Wait till the end, Breaking Bad fans will LOVE it!


So much humour is super PC these days so I bloody love that SNL continues to make lol statements.


So I thought this was just normal funny until the 2-min mark and then I laughed out loud. A ‘LOL’ if you will.



I laughed more at this one than any other, I don’t know why. It’s so accurate.

Kelly McCarren.