These Are The World’s Most Expensive Sandwiches

13 June 2019

It was back in the 1700s that the sandwich was born. If you aren’t familiar with its creation story it goes something like this – John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, was rather fond of gambling. One particularly long card game, disinterested in stopping for a meal break (kudos to that dedication) he demanded his servants bring him some salted beef stuffed between two slices of bread so that he could keep going strong without the distraction of utensils. The result? A sandwich. A clever bread-based creation which soon become a lunchbox staple.

But while you may have been raised on the humble salad sanga, or perhaps a good old coupling of cheese and ham, there are of course now a million different variations on the lunch classic. Among these are a good dozen that are just downright boujee, excessive in both price and ingredients. Let us introduce you to the Elton John and Lady Gaga of the sandwich realm below.

Serendipity 3’s The Quintessential Grilled Cheese Sandwich

New York’s Serendipity 3 is home to a sandwich which is just downright unnecessary. The Guinness World Records has decreed that this is the most expensive sandwich in the world, costing about $300AUD. If you did want to waste your well-earned money on this sandwich at least we can tell you what to expect – it sees bread baked with Dom Perignon Champagne and 23-karat gold stuffed with caciocavallo podolico – a rare cheese imported from southern Italy. Then the sanga is buttered and slathered with a concoction of white truffle oil and gold flakes, before being encrusted with sheets of edible 23-karat gold. But it doesn’t end there – the sandwich is served with a luxe tomato and lobster bisque (a fancy word for soup).

Abalone katsu sandwich at Cutler & Co.

Far from your average vegemite and cheese combo is this Melbourne eatery’s creation. The Abalone Katsu Sandwich from adored chef Andrew McConnell is one of the city’s most famous bar snacks and we’re not surprised. At $16 this is not a servo sanga, but rather a seriously extravagant seafood and Japanese-inspired treat which sees crumbed baby abalone slathered with Japanese barbecue sauce, shredded cabbage and cloud-like white bread.

The Douche Burger from 666 Burger

Who would have thought that a New York food truck could be behind the world’s most expensive burger (or pseudo sandwich). Definitely deserving of an award for its name, the douche burger is “a fucking burger filled and topped with rich people’s shit” owner and creator Franz Aliquo commented on Facebook. The seriously decadent cheeseburger creation includes a mountain of kobe beef, gold leaf, foie gras, caviar, lobster, truffles, gruyere cheese, kopi luwak barbecue sauce and Himalayan rock salt. And it will only set you back US$666. Only in America…

The Wagyu and Kobe beef sandwiches at Wagyumafia

The Japanese are famous for their specialty wagyu beef so it’s no surprise that the county boasts an impressive array of eateries dedicated solely to the meat. Wagyumafia is one such space – a butcher and sandwich shop in one that is home to some pretty damn fancy steak sandwiches . Their most famous? The Wagyu and Kobe beef finger sandwiches which despite their small stature will set you back a good $US180. What the actual F? Wagyumafia justify their price because the steak sanga is crafted from a rare Japanese cow that can only yield six sandwiches total. Sounds like bull to us…

A1 Canteen’s muffuletta

Closer to home in Sydney’s Kensington Street you’ll find one of the city’s most adored (and elaborate) sandwiches. Chef Clayton Wells has created an ode to a Sicilian favourite at eatery A1 Canteen, a sanga which is essentially antipasto tucked away in a hollowed out cob loaf (salivating yet?). The multi-layered creation is #deliporn – think cured meats, cheese, pickles, artichoke, olive tapenade all for the princely sum of $18.

Rostang’s Black Truffle Sandwich

It will be of absolutely zero shock to learn that Dubai is home to one seriously opulent sandwich. Dubai is home to a lot of ostentatious offerings – the city is famed for its adoration of all things lavish. But we’re not just talking about designer labels or skyscrapers it seems – Dubai’s penchant for boujee extends to its sandwiches. Anyway the dish in question is the creation of Parisian chef Michel Rostang who placed the sandwich on the menu at his restaurant Rostang Brasserie at Atlantis The Palm (yes, that hotel). His dish sees 10-15g of black Périgord truffles and French butter pressed between two slices of fresh sourdough bread for exactly 24 hours before it is grilled to perfection. Oh and it’s $US115 a pop. Safe to say this is not your typical cheese toastie.

The Duck Club Sandwich at Tartufi and Friends

Hotel classic the club sandwich has been reimagined at swanky British department store Harrods where restaurant Tartufi and Friends have given it a seriously luxe twist. Forget the usual bacon, chicken, iceberg lettuce (if you’re lucky) combo, for this extensive renovation on the sanga centres around the duck. Yes that’s right, duck has replaced chicken in this $130 sandwich which layers together said bird with a fried egg; (we’d hope free range at that price); with potato chips, crispy asparagus, lettuce and, a little grated white truffle.

Sarah Bristow.