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The Ultimate Bikini Babes You Need To Be Following On Instagram

17 August 2018

Whether it’s total inspiration when you’re having a “get healthy” day or your total nightmare when you’re having an “I’m fat and ugly” day, there’s no arguing that the gals featured below are delivering ALL the body goals on any given day.

And while Instagram is not short of showing you a bikini model at every swipe, we’ve scoured through account after account to pull together a the ultimate list when it comes to IG bikini babes (I feel like this job sounds like heaven to any guys out there… actually, I’ve got to admit, I kinda had fun doing it).

So here it is. The goals of all goals. Instagram’s hottest bikini influencers in no particular order:

1. Tash Oakley

She’s made a living out of being in a bikini – so naturally we popped her in here first. While you can spot the odd post with clothes, Tash is way more likely to be found bikini-clad and water-side.

2. Alexis Ren

I don’t know how her body is even real – but I want it to be mine (as in, I want my body to look like hers – not be with hers).

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3. Rocky Barnes

If I had a body like Rocky’s – I would never wear clothes. Like ever.

4. Sahara Ray

Anyone else feel like Sahara’s pretty comfortable in her own body? Like she finds it a drag to wear clothes? #nakednessforthewin

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Morning struggles ☕️

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5. Madi Edwards

A fan of getting a bit cheek-y, Madi’s Instagram is a monumental dedication to the female form.  👙👙

6. Gypsy One

With an edgier vibe than the others, Gypsy One’s Jenah Yamamoto makes the bikini less sexy and more street. We dig it. 👊👊

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Shine all summer @editionhotels

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7. Carmella Rose

She might look all innocent on the gram, but what’s the bet this one’s got a naughty side. $5 on naughty.

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Bermuda blueeee 💙 @revolve #revolvesummer

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8. Bianca Booth

That rig is real. I’ve seen it IRL and it hurts it’s that good. 🔥🔥

9. Georgia Gibbs

Please tell me this girl works hard for those abs. If not, life is hard and unfair – and to make it a bit better, I’m going to go cry into my oversized tub of ice-cream.