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Fitspo Holidays Are The Latest Thing In Travel

15 August 2018

We all know and love that pre-holiday workout groove. You’ve got a clear (often Europe related) goal and you’re thundering towards it, only to have the hard work undone after a ton of YOLO holiday burgers and total lack of exercise routine overseas.  While letting yourself go while travelling is a real good time and often the break you 1000% need, it doesn’t have to be that all or nothing mentality. Turns out going on holidays doesn’t mean you have to pile on unwanted kgs. The solution? Travel with your trainer and come back toned and tanned.

We know, we know – in theory that sounds really horrible, but it actually makes total sense. Fitness retreats are bursting on to the scene and everyone is jumping on board – from boutique personal trainers to the giants at F45. You’ll be relieved to know that we’re not talking about the all-consuming health retreats of the past where you’re fed a vegan cracker and asked to meditate five times a day (oh and don’t forget the sunrise, midday and sunset yoga). If you’re into that, more power to you, but for the rest of us who like things a little more balanced, there’s a way to have your six pack and drink all the cocktails too. Whether you want to head to Bali, Thailand or even the USA, workout once a day or three, there’s a fitness trip for you.

There are also a ton of benefits to maintaining your training schedule throughout your holiday, particularly if it’s a short and sharp session. Does it really matter if you spend less than an hour of your day to work up a sweat? You can let the guilt wash away for any indulgences, you’ll feel energised and clear-minded, plus the high of endorphins mixed with the joy of travelling? Sounds pretty great to us! You’re also way less likely to snap at your bestie or your boyfriend if you’re pumped up from an earlier workout. This literally could save your relationships!

If pilates is your jam and KX is your religion, good news, they can take you to Bali. Escape to the Island of the Gods, recharge and relax, plus come home fitter and stronger. Sounds fake right? It’s not. The understanding folks at KX have made sure this trip can suit everyone, from the ‘mostly holidaying with a side of stretching’ folks to the ‘hardcore, multiple daily workout’ pilates unicorns. You can train hard all week or just join in on the training that suits you.

Is Bali a little too ‘health retreat’ for your speed? F45’s latest collab with Contiki has seen them create an exclusive USA adventure to give F45’ers the opportunity to train at studios throughout the US while touring the amazing sites of the West Coast.  For twelve days you’ll travel through the classic American hotspots of Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco with five F45 workouts along the way. Trust us, that In ‘N’ Out burger will taste way better when you’ve earned it with burpees. You can also bet the crew will be 100% up for a Runyon Canyon Hike to spot celebs working out.

If margaritas and working out DAMN HARD is your style, then Destino could be your best choice of fitness vacay. Based in the US they’re a Crossfit vacation company who will take you to Mexico! Yep, you heard that right! You’ll get 2 WOD’s per day (if you know what that means), beach training sessions, paddleboarding, paleo meals (if that tickles your fancy) and as previously mentioned, a margarita night, cause it’s all about balance yo!

Whether you decide to head off on a hybrid training/holiday spree or stick to old school slothing it on a day bed, cocktail in hand, we’re still all kinds of jealous. Cheers to you escaping the winter!

Fitspo travel recommendations by Cassidy Loane