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The 5 Best Butts On Instagram

14 September 2017

While the word “perky” normally makes me cringe and go running straight for the hills (the hills being my couch, Netflix, and a packet of liquorice allsorts) – when it comes to butts, I am 100 per cent pro perk any day, erryday. Hand them to me.

With the #belfie trend alive and kicking, it’s not hard to get through about two posts in my Insta feed without another little perky beside rearing it’s perfectly shaped peachy head. Dayyumm girls.

But while I sit there scrolling, commiserating into my liquorice about my wobbly assets – I am the first to admit that these girls are super inspiring when it comes to their dedication to the firm.

Below, we take a look over which buttocks we think are ruling the internet – and just what their secret tips are for getting the round.    

  1. Steph Claire Smith

Not only is this gal Aussie, but she’s also not afraid to get her back into it.

Working hard for that perfect derriere, Steph’s training routine consists of working out six days a week on a combo of boxing (4 times), Pilates (1-2 times), and power walks (4 times).

When it comes to food, she’s a fan of the 80/20 way of life – eating healthily for 80 per cent of the time and then 20 per cent treaties. She tends to stick to fresh and healthy foods (but don’t mind a sneaky piece or five of dark chocolate most nights).

  1. Alexis Ren

Okay, we’re saying it – it’s hard not to have an obsession with Alexis’ behind.

I mean, girlfriend going to flaunt it in our face, then we gonna look. And phwoar. That shape!

But it doesn’t come easy. Alexis works out 1-2 hours a day 5-7 days a week and is super strict with her diet, we’re talking no bread, no fast food, no alcohol (whaaaatttt???!!!), no red meat, no eating after 7pm, restricted sugar, and no fruit after lunch.

Worth it for that butt? You decide. I’m heading back to my couch and liquorice…

  1. Jen Selter

Renowned as the “Queen of butts”, Jen made a name for herself through her shapely rear.

And when looking at her favourite bottom exercises – there’s really nothing too eye-opening about them (although we’re guessing Jen’s not just going through these once and then giving herself a high five).

But a daily combo of jumping jacks, burpees, squats, walking/jumping lunges, mountain climbers, kickbacks/donkey kicks, step-ups, tuck jumps and sumo squats will have you well on your way to putting the max in gluteus maximus.

  1. Sommer Ray

A bodybuilder from the ages of 16-18, Sommer is all about the muscle (spesh that big one at the back there)… And the trick to it? Consistency.

“I make mine (?) in the gym… I’ve literally worked my butt off to have an arse,” she reveals in a vid on her YouTube channel. “You need to be consistent with it. I’ve been religiously committed to working out since I was 15. My Dad is a bodybuilder and I worked out with him my whole childhood – we had a gym in our basement. It takes time and it takes commitment. It’s what I wanted, it’s what I love to do, it’s my passion – that’s why I’ve had the good results that I’ve had because I really put my mind, body and soul into it.”

  1. Bianca Booth

I’ve actually seen this butt in real life (in a bikini… I know where your mind was going!) – and let me tell you, there is no trick photography going on here with this one. It’s just as good in real life. Like, next level good.

But aside from a penchant for red wine, Bianca is also one to work hard for it with her IG Stories giving us a sneak peek into her super strict regimen.

Think HIIT with a capital H.I.I.T. Luckily – she often has an exercise partner in crime in the form of sister Allanah to help sweat things out with…

Words by Yelena Fairfax.