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I Got WAY Fitter In Just 3 Weeks…

I’ve never really been the sort of lass who enjoys group fitness. It comes as a shock to many people given how loud and outgoing I am, but being with a bunch of people exercising has always made me die a little bit inside. Maybe it’s the clapping, the overenthusiastic trainers, the perfectly fit women at the front of the class, the idle small talk everyone makes… the list goes on.

I’m much more a ‘youtube/podcast/music/phone’ type of gal while I half-heartedly work my way around the weights floor or burn some cals on the ol’ cardio machines.

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But given I’m getting married in November and haven’t exactly been ‘shredding for the wedding’, I was keen to give the 12RND Fitness 28-day challenge a go, because why the hell not. So here’s what I thought…



Well, just as the name suggests, it’s based on 12 rounds! Each round goes for 3-minutes with a 30-sec break between. The rounds generally contain 2 different exercises with different goals which I think is really cool. So it might be something like 16 box jumps then 40 quick jabs (half of the rounds contain a form of boxing which is great if you’re like me and enjoy hitting things) and you basically go through it as many times as you can in the 3-minute round. I really like this aspect because you can take it easy if you’re not feeling it, or it’s too hard; OR you can go as gung-ho as you like – so it’s great for all fitness levels. Then the next round might be a competition to see how many meters you can get in 1:20 on the rower or how quickly you can burn 10 calories on the sledder; then you might finish the round doing heel taps or kettlebell swings. Every day they change the rounds so you never do the same workout twice which is great, but as the routine of doing the 12 rounds stays the same, it’s fun to work through and be like ‘oh yay halfway’ at round 6, ya know!


  • It goes really quickly. 12 rounds are beyond doable. They recommend going 3-4 times per week, some go more (crazy people), but that just shows how easy it is to fit in your day and how fun it is!
  • You can work as hard as you want. Obviously, some stations are harder than others but it’s designed for you to run your own race.
  • You WORK. It’s really hard but nothing lasts long enough to really kill you so you don’t really notice how exhausted you are till you’re shuffling home bow-legged afterwards. And that’s coming from someone not overly fit or strong.
  • You get to BOX and HIT THINGS! Which is my fave part and so so fun, you learn moves like a real-life fighting machine!
  • The team is LOVELY. I’ve been going to the Alexandria gym on Botany Road and can honestly say, I’ve never met a lovelier bunch of people at any of the MANY gyms I have gone to over the past 15 years of ‘gymming’. They are just the best. Super lovely, super helpful, super funny and not even a tiny bit judgemental or pushy. Anti-social Kel was actually looking FORWARD to her workouts because the team’s enthusiasm and loveliness are just so contagious.


  • You OCCASIONALLY might get a trainer that tries to argue with you about what you’re capable of but less than other gyms. I just don’t understand why they think I’m making it up if I say ‘I can’t do that’. I don’t WANT to look like a weak imbecile at that particular station, I just have a good understanding of what my body is capable of – and holding its own weight isn’t in that realm of what’s realistic.
  • The opening hours aren’t that fantastic for someone that works as much as I do, but I think as they get more well-known and busier, they’ll open for longer.
  • If you’ve doubled-up on a station with someone, it might not work if you’re at different fitness levels. But luckily that hasn’t happened to me yet!


I mean, TBH I really didn’t ‘challenge’ myself. I went 3 days per week until I got so sick I couldn’t do the last week of my challenge 🙁 But I loved it so much I’ve signed up for a 9-week challenge starting mid-June and highly recommend anyone give it a go, you’ll love it!

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Kelly McCarren.

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