WTF Fashion Trends We’re Totally Not On Board With

23 October 2017

Look, we totally get that ~farssshun~ is a form of art and self expression and what not, but let’s be real – you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would be caught dead wearing one of these below fashion abominations.

Don’t believe us? Judge for yourself…

1. Hairy Chest Swimsuit

This is just so many levels of disturbing we don’t even know where to begin…

2. Plastic Jeans

Can you imagine if it were a warm day and suddenly you got all steamy in these things? Ugh, gross.

3. Ugg Boot Sandals

And we thought we’d never see the day something could out ugly Crocs, yet here we are… These things look way too similar to the moon boot I once had to wear for six weeks after breaking my leg from tripping over in high heels… Next.

4. I don’t even know WTF this is supposed to be…

I.. what? I don’t know if these are supposed to be some sort of jean/overall hybrid, but it’s whatever it is it’s horrible and I’d never like to see it again, thanks.

6. This Top With Holes In It

Does this remind anyone else of the scene in Mean Girls when Janice Ian cuts holes in Regina George’s tank top and then everybody else does? Because same.

7. Shoulderless Jackets

For when you want to give someone the cold shoulder, ha! (Sorry).

8. Shaggy Jeans

For those days you just wanna rock that Clydesdale horse look.

9. Half Pinstripe/Half Denim Blazer

Business on the left, party on the right!

10. Detachable Trackies

Soz Riri, we love you but we’re so not vibing on whatever the hell these are.

11. Cowboy Boot Sandals

For when you’re at the beach at 3 but gotta be at the ranch by 5.

12. Frilly Knee Jeans

To draw attention to those sexy kneecaps of yours.

13. This Handbag (Or Armbag?)

To be fair, I spill so much shit out of my handbag on a good day that something like this would probs benefit less coordinated people like me, but it still doesn’t make it any less weird.

14. Shaggy Denim Jacket

For when you’re going for that porcupine look.

15. This Weird Tutu Shirt Hybrid

This legit looks like she’s gone to throw on a tutu, gotten stuck halfway and just rolled with it.

16. Muffin Top Jeans

We love a pair of jeans that accentuate our muffin tops, don’t we girls?

17. Muddy-Looking Jeans

I don’t want to alarm you, but these bad boys cost $425… And they’re currently sold out.

18. Detachable Jean Shorts

I don’t know what jeans ever did to deserve this but I am not here for it.

19. Lace Rompers for Men

AKA the ‘romphim’. Sorry but just, no.

20. This Thing

Okay, we get that this is probs not meant to be worn outside the bedroom, but come on now, that can’t be comfortable…

Words by Jessica Lynch