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What To Wear To A Baby Shower

25 March 2020

Am I alone in thinking that baby showers are the best social event ever? Once you get past the initial awkwardness of family gatherings, the idea of waiting for a new baby genuinely excites me. What doesn’t excite me is trying to work out what the eff to wear to these family events. We don’t want gran to be offended by ripped jeans or a bit of sideboob that wants to join the party. Here are my suggestions, tips and tricks to looking the part at any baby shower.

1. Florals

When I think baby shower, I think FLORAL. There’s nothing better than wearing flowers to symbolise new life, happiness and excitement (and let’s face it, florals are super cute). A gorg floral dress is the perfect fit for a baby shower. Pair your florals with some cool accessories and you’re destined to win best dressed.

2. ANYTHING Maxi, and I mean anything!

Baby showers are renowned for pretty food platters, cupcakes, which beg for self-control. However, if you’re anything like me, I basically inhale food platters just by looking at them. Maxi dresses, maxi skirts or pants are essential for social functions where this much food is involved. Not only do they look super stylish but they also hide that food belly which is bound to emerge. Ladies, do yourselves a favour and invest in some maxis so people won’t be thinking that your baby shower is next.

3. Frillin’ myself

When I look back on my childhood, there is one thing that really stands out and that is FRILLS. For whatever reason, my mum wouldn’t allow me out of the house unless I was covered head to toe in frills. Now that frills are coming back in style, what better way to celebrate children than in an outfit that pays homage to your own childhood? Done tastefully, a frilly peasant top with a basic skirt can look super cute and are perf for a baby shower.

4. Accessories

Now I know florals and frills etc aren’t for everyone. Let’s be honest, there are generally no dress codes at baby showers so there is nothing wrong with rocking your boyfriend jeans and pairing them with some accessories that scream ‘I made an effort’. Throw on a layered necklace, floral headband or some pom-pom earrings – the compliments will roll through.

5. Location Location Location

If it’s a home baby shower, you know you can get away with dressing a little more casual ’cause let’s be honest, you’ll most likely spend the whole time sitting on the floor or couch (if you’re lucky). If it’s at a venue then google that shit. If it looks fancy, then soz babe, you’re bringing out the heels, but if it’s just a casual vibe then jeans and a nice top will do.

6. Weather

These are the types of events where your weather app becomes your best friend. Making the right outfit choice is crucial to ensuring you have a good time and don’t sweat or freeze your ass off. Have a couple of different options ready to go and then check the weather that morning and make your selection!

7. Shit, it’s MY baby shower. HELP?

So it’s your baby shower and you’re freakin’ out cause you’ve got a huge belly, nothing fits you right. You’re exhausted and you’re over it. Just remember, everyone is coming to see YOU and YOUR BUMP today, so show it off! Pregnancy glow is a real thing so whatever you wear, you’ll shine brightly anyway!

Words by Elizabeth Tortorici.