Wearing Animal Prints | How, Why & Where

16 November 2018

If you haven’t already noticed, your wardrobe is about to take a walk on the wild side. For years I’ve been wearing animal prints when I dare, but now they’re back in the mainstream style set with a vengeance, and I am frothing.

Shopping online or in-store RN is like embarking on a safari, you can’t turn in any direction without seeing a leopard, zebra, tiger, or snake – print that is.

I know that the animal print trend can be a wee bit daunting for some, so I’ve asked around the office (sometimes it’s useful to work with such a brimming brigade of fashionistas) and popped the best tips and tricks below.


If you’re an animal print beginner…

Animal print accessories


  • If you’re nervous about wearing animal prints, start small with accessories.
  • Animal-print shoes are the easiest route in. The perfect way to make even the most boring outfit sing.
  • Jazz up a plain black slip dress by belting it with something a touch more animalistic than leather.
  • Zebra print is a low-key version of animal prints, thanks to its monochrome tones, so dip your toes into the trend with this option.
  • Knowing how to wear animal prints comes down to one simple rule – treat it like any black clothing item. Yes, this might seem counterintuitive and weird AF, but adding a little hint of animal to any outfit upgrades and harmonises your look.

If you’re more intermediate with your sartorial decisions…

Try an animal print dress! Whether you prefer midi styles;

animal prints

Or showing more leg in a mini;

animal print

Slip dresses are already effortlessly trendy, so add a hit of animal print and you’ve got yourself a winner.


  • Animal prints are wild and busy, so stick to styles with clean lines if you want to look elegant and not trashy.
  • Steer clear of animal print clothing that is fussy, frilly, or sparkly etc  Opt for styles and fabrics that are sleek like the animal itself.
  • Mostly (not always) wear heels when wearing an animal print, it keeps the look chic.

For all the fashionistas or risk-takers in the *house…

*…(by ‘house’, I clearly mean peeps reading this article)

Try shirts, skirts, jackets and mixing prints!

animal prints

leopard silk skirt

ANIMAL print styles for fashionistas


  • Leopard print looks INSANE with more leopard print. Embrace the extra-ness and accessorise your outfit with gold jewellery.
  • For maximum impact, opt for bright punchy prints and dare to wear animal prints from head to toe.
  • Mix and match – the most modern way to wear animal prints is to clash them.
  • For the ultimate ‘insta uniform’, pair a leopard print slip skirt with a white tee and boots.
  • Never forget that leopard print looks incredible with denim. Leopard print additions take a classic white tee and blue jeans to a whole new level.
  • Treat animal prints as your new neutrals by adding them to your everyday outfits alongside colour-blocking sweaters and classic trench coats.
  • Steer clear of heavy fabrics like wool or cheap polyesters and opt for silks or light cottons; both of which will ensure the patterns look current (not like you’ve jumped out of a bad 80s movie).
  • Opt for cuts that are in line with trending styles to ensure the piece says fresh.