Fashion Style Tips

Styles That Look Good On Girls With Big Boobs

20 October 2017

If you’re reading this, it is fair to say you are probably not a member of the itty bitty titty committee (Ghrrr) and really want some justice for your larger breasts! I know, it’s all fun and games when they say ‘free the nips!’ but boy do we have a surprise for them. Read on to discover our top five fashion tips for girls with big boobs

Tip 1: Be wise with your selection of sleeves

V neck or sleeve dress for big boobs

Whilst strapless and shoulder tops are the new trend, hop off the bandwagon and opt for a V neck or sleeve dress, which accentuates your bust by providing support to your upper body.

Tip 2: Go all out with the prints!

dress print for big boobs

Contrary to popular belief, prints are a fabulous way to display a wider bust by drawing attention away from the width through the patterns presented.

Tip 3: Matching Your Separates

Whilst dresses are often the easier option when planning a night out, deciding on the right top and skirt is often more flattering for a female with a larger bust, as a result of the ease of sizing. If a female has a larger bust than the waist, inconsistency in dress sizing may occur. Create the illusion of a dress by pairing two separates with the exact same colour and pattern.

Tip 4: Avoid Wearing Baggy Tops

Baggy top

Wearing a top that is baggy on the stomach but fitted on the chest may accentuate the bust and make it appear larger. Thus, choose tops that are able to be worn with a belt, in order to ensure the shirt is fitted and in proportion across your upper body.

Tip 5: Wear The Correct Styled Jewellery

Shorter styled necklaces for larger breasts

Opt for shorter styled necklaces, in order to draw the eye away from the bust and accentuate one’s collar. Chunky necklaces must be chosen correctly, in order to avoid the cluster of a wide necklace and wide bust.

Regardless, find your inner style and work with your body – because no one will ever be a better version of you than you! <3

 Words by Jennifer Boustani