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The Internet Is At War Over The Colour Of These Shoes

16 October 2017

Who could predict the viral sensation that was “the dress” that swept across social media back in 2015?

 It seemed like the entire world was divided over whether it was yellow and white or black and blue (I still think it’s 100% yellow and white, tbh).

Well there’s now ANOTHER item of clothing that is causing debate across the net, and this time it’s a pair of Vans that people believe are either blue and grey or pink and white.

Twitter user @ATown_Kicks posted to the platform with the pic in question, and to us it definitely looks blue and grey…

People were quickly divided over the image, arguing amongst themselves as to what colour they thought the trainers to be.

As the battle raged across social media, one Twitter user has since put the argument to rest, correcting the image colours to its true form of white and pink.

Well, until the next weirdly coloured piece of clothing, I guess.

Words by Jessica Lynch