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All the Things Emma Stone’s Oscars Dress Looks Like

25 February 2019

Emma Stone has ended awards season with an Oscars dress no one can stop talking about.

A long-time muse of Louis Vuitton designer, Nicolas Ghesquière, Stone donned a golden-brown hued dress to walk down the Oscars red carpet.

As always, the internet was at the ready to turn Stone’s Oscars dress into one of the funniest memes of the night.

But what exactly does Emma Stone’s dress look like? No one can decide. Here are just a few of our favourite guesses:

A waffle

A honey baked ham

An ice cream cone

A grilled fish

A piece of honeycomb

Burnt toast


However, not everyone thought Stone’s dress looked edible. One particularly creative Twitter user pointed out the dress’s uncanny resemblance to a Furby.

A Furby

A waffle, a grilled fish or a Furby? We’re not quite sure what Emma Stone’s dress looks like but since it took a whopping 712 hours to make, at least it got some good traction online.