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What To Wear On A First Date

28 March 2018

First dates are daunting. Whether you’ve been on a million, or about to go on your very first one, it’s still the “first” date and it’s a big thing. But there’s so much preparation before you come face-to-face with your potential bae.

If you’re freaking out about your wardrobe options and are on the verge of cancelling because you don’t have anything to wear let us, help you. We’ve got your look covered so it’s one less stress you can turn up lookin’ fab and feelin’ fine!

What to wear to a…  

Movie Date

Three words; comfortable but cute. Catching a movie means you’ll be sitting for a good amount of time so this outfit needs to be comfortable. You don’t want to be squirming in your seat because your jeans are too stiff. Tights are definitely a winner here. Pair them with an off the shoulder knit for the perfect outfit for a first movie date.

Dinner Date

This is your chance to get a little more dressed up and show him what he’s working with.  We recommend a cute LBD, a dainty clutch and of course, heels heels heels. If the locale isn’t too a fancy that’s ok! Go for high-waisted jeans with a cute lacy top tucked in, and a little bomber jacket. Add some boots to finish it off and you’re good to go.

Coffee Date

Don’t underestimate this more laidback variation of the first date.  It’s your chance to show your date you can dress casual yet stylish without going overboard. Choose a pair of minimally ripped mum jeans and add a little white t-shirt. This has casual yet stylish written all over it. Pair it will some white sneakers and you’re good to go.

Picnic Date

There are a couple of things to think about when dressing for a first picnic date. Firstly, you will be sitting on a rug on grass so opt for a cute flowy floral dress to avoid your date (or anyone else around you), seeing up your dress. Secondly, it may be windy, so it’s always good to check the weather app before you go. If it is going to be windy and you don’t feel comfortable wearing a dress, then a floral playsuit is the perfect option! Lastly, there will be food (duh), so don’t wear anything white just in case you spill the salsa dip on you!


If your soon-to-be babe is a little more adventurous and decides to take you on a different first date experience than usual, for example; the zoo, ice skating, the theatre or a concert (lucky you), just think of what you will be doing and who will be around you. Like ok, you’re not going to wear a skirt and a crop top ice skating…duh. Opt for jeans or tights with a cute sweatshirt and sneakers. If you are going to the theatre or a concert we already have you covered in our “What To Wear To The Theatre” and “What To Wear To A Concert” blogs.

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Words by Jacqui Feros.