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The Best Reactions To First Ep Of The Bachelorette 2019

10 October 2019

The first episode of The Bachelorette season 5 aired last night, and wow. Where does Channel 10 keep finding these blokes? I feel like they’re all sent from an alien universe to remind us to stop trying to find love on reality television. You know, except for Timm. Other than the two M’s thing and the haircut, Timm is actually really sweet. We like Timm.

As for the rest of the internet, their feelings were pretty on par. Scroll on down for Twitter’s best reactions to the Bachelorette premiere.

On the contestants:

We said it first, FYI.

The One Where We Broke Down Stereotypes.

Show’s over, the hot sensitive fireman bought a puppy. Wrap it up folks.

Oop, we take it back.

Imagine looking nothing like Zac Efron and then having the gall to say ‘I look like Zac Efron’ on national television.

I rest my case.

Sorry, Kayde. I’m done now.

Kristen, if you figure out the answer. Call me.

On Angie:

I mean if you had to pick a vibe, it’d be this no?

All hail our new queen, Angie.

*looks around for my sunflowers and puppy*

I do not blame ya, @LifeOn17.

On our new villain:

We see you, Jess. The man rides a scooter FFS.

Even if you didn’t watch Game Of Thrones, this should make sense.

Honestly, THE NERVE of this guy.

On the brother-sister reveal:

Why’d you play with our emotions like that Channel 10?


Is Brad single? Can someone find out…for a friend, obvi.

I can’t believe we’re still having to tweet this in 2019.

Concluding thoughts:

Til next week folks!