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The 13 Sexiest Older Men That Are Still Hot AF

06 August 2018

Okay, so we understand the appeal of a younger man – those toned biceps, rippling abs, golden skin, and just, you know, youth. But that’s not to discount or right off the older man. Cos sometimes, older doesn’t just mean wiser – it can mean more experience, more sex appeal, and more “I got this” vibes. Yum.

While there are a ton of silver foxes out there – we’ve pulled together a list of the 13 sexiest older men who have us yelling at the screen “take it all off”… (and that don’t make us go “euch” even when we discover their date of birth).

Sit back and enjoy the perv.

  1. Josh Holloway (48)

I’d get “Lost” with this one any day (sorry for the Dad joke), but seriously – his eyes alone beg you to go home with him and do naughty things.

2. Gabriel Macht (46)

The main reason you tuned into Suits each week, he may have hit the later 40s – but that’s not getting in the way of his spot in babetown.

  1. Scott Speedman (42)

Anyone who watches Animal Kingdom will be aware that Scott Speedman has not lost his looks with age. It may have been 20 years since he played Ben on Felicity (20 years??? What the eff??!!) – but he actually doesn’t look that much older. Well played Scott.

  1. George Clooney (57)

Would it even be a silver fox list without the inclusion of George Clooney? But I totally agree with having him here. There’s a reason he’s the highest-earning actor in the world… you don’t see any uglies taking home this coveted title.

  1. Simon Baker (48)

I have a dirty secret. Sometimes I watch The Mentalist with the sound off just so I can see Simon Baker in action. I’m sorry – but he just oozes sex appeal. #sorrynotsorry

  1. Denzel Washington (63)

I beg your pardon, 63? 63? Gee. Zus. What? How? When? But really, who cares, this man personifies agelessness. All the praises.

  1. Patrick Dempsey (52)

The writers were onto something when they called him “McDreamy” on Grey’s Anatomy – and Patrick’s doing his best to continue living up to the title. We dig it.

  1. Bradley Cooper (43)

Is it just me, or does Bradley get better with age? Like much better. Give me old Bradley over young Bradley any day. ANY DAY.

  1. Hugh Jackman (49)

I recently watched ‘The Greatest Showman’ and I couldn’t decide if Hugh Jackman or Zac Efron was cuter. And that’s some stiff competition. I chose Hugh (mainly because of the height).

  1. Dwayne Johnson (46)

I don’t normally go for the huge muscles, but there’s no denying Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s peak physical form is just beautiful to witness…

  1. David Beckham (43)

I’ve never watched a full game of soccer in my life, but when Becks walked into Prince Harry’s wedding recently – I couldn’t help but think what a cute dapper gentleman he looked. That three-piece suit! 5 stars.

  1. Ryan Reynolds (41)

Want to know how Ryan scored a wife 11 years younger? Because he’s hot. 100 percent hotness.

  1. Brad Pitt (54)

Okay, so I was going to be controversial and not include him – but then a picture came out yesterday of Brad looking bloody fit and better than he has in YEARS. So he’s squeezed in. Keep this up mate, and you’ll be one of our number one picks. Dayummm.

You’re welcome!