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People You Need to Follow on Twitter Right Now

30 October 2017

Twitter really is a melting pot of personalities across all facets of news, entertainment, comedy and more.

While you’ll find the good, the bad, and the very, very ugly across the Twitterverse, the best part about Twitter is that you can choose to only follow users whose subject matter interests you, and don’t necessarily have to deal with annoying/shitty tweets from people you’d rather never hear about ever again (we’re looking at you, Donald Trump’s Twitter).

We’ve put together a definitive list of people you should be following on the platform that’ll totally ~enrich~ your Twitter experience.

 For Political Talk…

When Childish Gambino tells us to ‘stay woke’ he’s talking about these guys. Unafraid to call out the big names on their bullshit, these guys keep us up to date on the political happenings across the world. For example, journalist Lauren Duca, who wrote an article for Teen Vogue in December 2016 titled ‘Donald Trump is Gaslighting America’ was blasted by haters who told her she “should stick to the thigh-high boots.” In turn, Lauren created a blog called “Thigh-High Politics,” and still continues to stand up against her haters who believe women have no place in political commentary. Talk about #GirlPower!

 Lauren Duca

Emma Watson

Leah Torres, MD

 Soraya Chemaly

Penny Wong

Alice Workman

Mark Di Stefano

For the LOLs…

Sometimes you just need some funny AF content to give you a laugh at the end of a long day, and these guys will have you cracking up.

Samir Mezrahi, a.k.a. Kale Salad




Brilliant Ads



Condescending Wonka

Wolfpack Alan

First World Pains

Death Star PR


The Batman

Women’s Humour

Funny Celebs…

One of our fave things about Twitter is how it’s opened up a whole new world in regards to how we see celebs. While some accounts are obvs run by a star’s PR rep, some just prefer to go the no filter route – and we love them for it.

Chrissy Teigen

John Mayer

Ellen DeGeneres

Conan O’Brien

Danny Zucker

Patton Oswalt

Demetri Martin

Craig Ferguson

Kat Dennings

James Blunt

Stephen Colbert

Zach Braff

Anna Kendrick

Chelsea Peretti

Josh Groban

Rob Delaney

To Learn Interesting Shit…

These users that post a bunch of interesting stuff that’ll have you sounding knowledgable AF.





Neil deGrasse Tyson

Dr Karen Becker

For Inspiration…

Need some wise words or just something positive to start your day? Look no further than these guys.

Sir Richard Branson


Caterina Fake

Beth Comstock

Kid President

For When You Need Some Cheering Up…

After a bad day, sometimes you just need to look at some cute pics of animals to make it all better.


Cute Emergency



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Words by Jessica Lynch