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11 Times We Knew Anna Was Going To Win Love Island

14 November 2019

Oh Anna, she stole our hearts (and our clothes) and now she’s stolen $50,000 dollars from the executives at Channel Nine. Anna and her new boo, Josh, left the Love Island villa tonight winners and not to brag, but we called it. How did we know? Here’s 11 reasons we knew Anna was going to win tonight’s Love Island Australia finale.

1. When she called Adam a F**k boy

GIF by Love Island Australia

We stan a girl that calls it like she sees it.

2. When she wore this killer outfit

I mean, c’mon! You don’t wear a dress like this unless you’re gonna win. FYI, Anna is looking like a goddess in our ‘Shine A Light Dress In Champagne Sequin‘.

3. When Anna and Josh dry humped on top of Adam

GIF by Love Island Australia

We’re 99% sure this is what Adam was thinking at the time.

4. When she couldn’t even wait for Josh to finish his sentence when he asked her to be his gf

GIF by Love Island AustraliaIt was so sweet!

5. When we found out she was in the Hilltop Hoods music video

While everyone else was out here playing a short game, Anna has been playing the long game.

6. When she sat Margarita down to point out the difference between Josh and Luke so she didn’t steal her man

GIF by Love Island Australia

Be honest, you would have done the same.

7. When she proved herself to be a gal’s gal

GIF by Love Island Australia

If this isn’t relatable AF, I don’t know what is.

8. When she comes back from the hideaway with Josh and instantly tells the girls what happened

GIF by Love Island Australia

Sisters before misters, am I right?

9. When Josh said what we were all thinking

GIF by Love Island Australia

Same, Josh, same.

10. Did we mention her wardrobe?

The Love Island Australia winner is wearing our ‘Beyond It Dress In Champagne Velvet’ and nailing it.

11. Like seriously, she loves Showpo as much as we love her!

Here she is setting sail in our ‘Popping Candy Playsuit In White Spot‘.

Meanwhile, let’s pour one out for Biannca.

GIF by Love Island Australia

We feel you Biannca, but if you loved the Love Island Australia finale looks so much, here’s where you can get them.