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An Open Letter To Kendall Jenner

16 September 2017

Kendall Jenner; gazelle like, effortlessly chic and absolute style queen. You know who she is and here at Showpo HQ we are serious fans of the girls farshun.

However, as much as we love her, we have to wonder how TF she manages to get herself into such hot water. In a world full of PA’s, a highly acclaimed ‘squad’ and just general life advisors; SURELY someone thought twice about some of the deals she’s signed off on…

One would think anyway. So because we care, we’ve jotted down some decisions we could’ve helped her with.

Dear Kendall,

Here are 5 times you probably should have fired your team…

The Cigarette Prop 

Sorry, I didn’t know this was the 90’s and smoking was still KEWL! I feel like this trend went out with stupidly thin eyebrows and supermodels. Pls stop promoting to future generations.

Fyre Festival

Kenny was allegedly paid $250,000 to promote what was meant to be a luxury music festival on a private island. Guests were said to have paid up to $12,000 for a ticket to the festival of their lives. What did they get? A stodgy tent and an emergency trip home on discovering organisers had f*cked up BIG TIME. What did Kendall get? Massive backlash about putting her name to something she clearly had no idea about. As a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, this was a very shocking accusation.

The Pepsi AD

The undoing of it all… Whilst Pepsi has commented saying this ad was meant to be about themes of movement and protest it was massively short-sighted. Kendall was shown handing a police officer a Pepsi to keep him hydrated AF at the end of a protest. The ad was said to have made a mockery of the #BlackLivesMatter protest and just generally undermine all serious issues. Martin Luther Kings daughter Bernice blasted Kendall on Twitter which was the absolute take down of the century…with reason.


The ad was pulled just 24 hours after release. Unfortunately for Kendall, the internet is the internet and we have a copy here.

THOSE T-Shirts…

In case Kendall and her team hadn’t learnt her lesson about signing off deals without thinking, herself and sister Kylie released a line of T-shirts that saw them impose their faces over some of the biggest names in music including Tupac, Biggie and Kiss. As if being arrogant enough to put your insta pic over Biggie’s face wasn’t enough, turns out the girls did not seek rights from the estate holders of those deceased icons used, which adds another layer of insensitivity. Ozzy Osbourne’s wife Sharon blasted the girls on twitter telling them they should stick to what they know – lipgloss.


Adidas Originals Campaign

I’m personally a big fan of this campaign but hey, the internet wasn’t. Adidas released this just last week only to be met with backlash over Kendall being cast over a ‘real’ athlete for the apparel brand. In Kenny’s defence, Originals is Adidas’ street brand and she is the ULTIMATE street girl style. But just…too soon..Pepsi…deals.

There you have it, 5 times beauty was not everything and no press would’ve been better than bad press.

Ken, do you need a new team?

Words by April Murphy