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12 Times Anna Kendrick Made Us LOL 

09 August 2019

In celebration of the hilarious Anna Kendrick’s birthday, we have found her funniest moments on the web. 

Her relatable AF tweets 

Anna Kenrick is the funniest person on Twitter and we don’t think many people would disagree. Her tweets are so relatable of what it’s like to be a young woman navigating the confusing world of adulting. Go on and have a scroll.

Her Pitch Perfect riff-off with James Corden 

In true, fabulous Pitch Perfect style, she had an acapella riff-off with James Corden. He’s tough competition, but Anna still comes out on top. 

When she got the comedic tick of approval by Ellen Degeneres 

Ellen couldn’t stop laughing and when Ellen compliments you like that, you know you’re a comedic genius. 

Her #bossbitch photo with Snoop Dog 

He’s tall AF compared to her and somehow she manages to look way more badass than him. 


Her BFF friendship with Blake Lively 

Their banter makes us want to be invited into their group text desperately. 

When she twerked it on Lip Sync Battle with fellow diva J.Lo 

Anna definitely knows how to shake her booty, even rivalling queen of the booty, J.Lo.

Her book Scrappy Little Nobody 

Anna takes us through her most awkward and embarrassing moments growing up, giving insight into her most iconic movies from Twilight to Pitch Perfect and her thoughts on moving into her 30’s. 

When she demonstrated her resting bitch face

We all have one and Anna’s takes the cake! 

The time she played Never Have I Ever with Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog 

Snoop Dog is in fact the least rebellious of the three of them. We love it when the ‘innocent’ one is revealed to be not so innocent after all. 

When she proved she’s the queen of sarcasm 

The reason we love Anna’s humour so much is because she’s extremely sarcastic and us Aussie’s can relate to that so well. It’s our favourite type of humour. 

Her obsession with Taco Bell 

We truly understand when certain foods make you emotional. When your obsession with fast food makes you feel a little ashamed but you just can’t help it and you’ll never stop eating it. 

When she played trampoline dodgeball with Kevin Hart 

This is the duo we never knew we needed. Would you be #TeamAnna or #TeamKevin? 

Birthday wishes by Tamara Bose