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7 TV Shows To Fuel Your Inner Girl Boss

08 November 2017

Being a badass bitch 24/7 can be tiring. So you shouldn’t feel guilty about needing some Netflix and chill time in between taking over the world.

However, it couldn’t hurt to choose a TV show that will also motivate the fuck out of you and your inner girl boss.

And yes, such shows exist. It’s called girl power and these seven series have it in spades


Suits TV Show GIF

So much badassery, so many power suits. To the naked eye, this show would seemingly revolve around two male characters kicking butt in a law firm, but it’s 100 per cent the WOMEN that make this show.

You’ve got Donna, a fiery redhead that knows what people need before they even know it themselves. Jessica, the head honcho who doesn’t take shit from anyone. And Rachel, who’s at the start of her career (and now married to Prince Harry IRL), experiencing the highs and lows of climbing the corporate ladder, but never giving up.

And all three of them have a FIERCE wardrobe. Even if you have zero interest in law, these gals are inspiring AF.


Younger TV Show GIF 1

This show tackles job discrimination right from the beginning.  The protagonist Liza has to lie about her age to get a job in a publishing firm. The show also tackles other workplace issues like inter-office relationships, owning your fuckups and the struggle to be taken seriously.

Liza becomes best friends with Kesley (aka Lizzie Maguire), a junior publicist that wants to take the world by storm and Lauren, a PR an unstoppable ball of energy.

Not every episode is about their careers. It has its moments of motivation in between sex scenes with Nico Tortorella, which we’re not complaining about…

Younger TV Show GIF 2

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy GIF

Christina Yang – case and point. Can you get a more high-pressure job than being a surgeon? Probably not, and to see so many strong women in a single cast leaves me in awe almost every episode.

I mean, when Christina had to perform surgery with a GUN TO HER HEAD?! Not to mention Shonda killing off every second character when you least expect it.

Meredith, Issy, Lexi, Bailey, Callie (and Christina of course) – they’re all flawed, they’re all trying to have both a career and a life and they’re all sassy as hell. Grey’s has got some serious girl power.



Literally, females kicking ass. GLOW stands for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling and follows a bunch of misfit women as they battle it out in the ring. Set in the 1980s, it’s strongly centred around feminism and women breaking free of the social norms of society to express themselves and be seen as equal to men.

Alison Brie (who you’ll recognise from Community) plays the lead and there’s plenty of laughs amongst the drama. It only debuted on Netflix this year, so you only have to watch one season to catch up. GO!

The Bold Type

The Bold Type GIF

If The Devil’s Wears Prada taught us anything, it’s that we love watching women work in a bitchy magazine environment. Only this time it’s less bitchy and more empowering.

Inspired by the life of Cosmopolitan Editor-in-chief and girl boss extraordinaire Joanna Coles, the show revolves around three women who work at ‘Scarlet’ magazine: fashion assistant Sutton, social-media manager Kat and writer Jane. But instead of watching these three ladies tear each other down, we get to see them have each other’s backs in work, life and love.

It’s all about women supporting women and we could all use a little more of that.


Empire GIF

“The name’s Cookie, ask about me”. The only reason to push past the Season 2 slump of Empire is: Cookie Lyons. The woman is a sass queen.

In a business dominated by men who are constantly trying to bring her down, Cookie holds her own and then some. If you want a lesson in how to speak up for what you want, add this to your must-watch list.  


Nashville GIF

Who knew the country music scene could be so brutal? This series follows two female country singers (one heading towards the end of her career and the other just hitting her peak) as they battle it out to be the best.

Both women are extremely driven and the show follows the heartbreak, sacrifices and inner demons they have to face for the sake of their career. And there may be LOADS of backstabbing at the beginning, but keep watching. It not only makes for great TV, but shows how strong and determined women can be.

Did we miss your fave show? Let us know in the comments below…

Words by Samantha McMeekin.