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7 Things We Never Knew We Needed Thanks To POOSH

08 May 2019

In case you missed it, Kourtney Kardashian’s decided to do a Gwyneth Paltrow a la GOOP and start her very own lifestyle website, POOSH. Like GOOP you can rely on POOSH to dispense sage advice about everything from organising your tea collection to the benefits of organic sheets.

Much like Gwyneth made us all freak out about steaming our vajayjays, here is everything we’re missing in our lives according to Kourtney Kardashian.

Infrared sauna blankets

“You may have heard all the hype about infrared sauna blankets..” POOSH writes. Nope, not really. but we digress. Wrapping yourself up in this oversized blankie/sleeping bag hybrid apparently, acts as a detox, burns calories AND improves sleep. It features layers of amethyst, charcoal and tourmaline for the ultimate trifecta of wellness buzzwords. It’ll set you back about $700 making it a little exxier than your average bed linen but you know, it is Kardashian approved.

Kris Jenner’s famous brownie recipe

You’d be forgiven for thinking that if any of the Kar-Jenners wanted brownies they’d just get their personal chef to whip some up. Alas no. Apparently, ol’ Kris can make a mean batch of brownies. This recipe is actually pretty straightforward. As a bonus, it doesn’t contain any ingredients you’d need to mortgage your house to buy!  POOSH: 1, GOOP: 0.

Non-toxic sheets

Don’t stress, you haven’t been sleeping on death trap sheets your entire life. Non-toxic sheets are actually just code for fitted sheets made from really expensive (but admittedly comfy) European flax linen.

Having multiple travel toiletry bags

So apparently Kourtney’s not a fan of packing or repacking things. Kourt always has not one, but three toiletry bags packed and ready to go. You know, just in case she decides to jump on the jet and sun herself in St Barths. There is one for her carry-on, one for makeup and one for toiletries. They each have mini duplicates of every product she uses on the reg (including a $205 Mason Pearson brush).

A copper tongue scraper

If you’ve got enough time in the day to not only brush your teeth and give your tongue a good scrape then you’ve come to the right place (and have too much time on your hands). This handy little tongue scraper in a totally on-trend copper looks like a fancy bobby pin so if you’re not keen on upping your oral hygiene you could fashion it into a hair accessory. Cute. 

Unicorn ponies

We all know the Kardashians like to throw kids’ birthday parties that cost the gross domestic product of a small country. Apparently North and Penelope had actual ponies dressed as unicorns at their recent soiree and we for one, are down for it.

A vintage tea set

Pulling out any random mug from IKEA simply won’t do if you want to live like Kourtney. Self-confessed tea connoisseur Kourt is all about a vintage tea set. In fact “every home should be complete with a full hot beverage serving assortment”. So, the next time you serve someone up a Lipton tea bag dunked in hot water, you’d better make sure it’s served in some fancy AF cup.

Words by Tania Gomez