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20 Hot GIFs Of Zac Efron Doing Things ‘Cos Why The Hell Not

19 October 2017

Today is our boyfriend Zac Efron’s 30th birthday (well, technically it was yesterday here in ‘Straya, but he’d be celebrating it RN over in the US).

So in honour of the living work of art that is Zac (and those abs you could legit grate a brick a cheese off of), we’ve scoured the net for the hottest GIFs we could find of the Baywatch star doing stuff. ‘Cos let’s be real – he could legit stumble out of a dumpster covered in yesterday’s lunch and we’d still find him attractive.

If Zac could just do every movie scene while shirtless that’d be great, k thnx.

We wish we were that pizza tbh 🤤

Zac and a puppy?! Someone get a casket ‘cos we are DEAD 😵

I just back to life again just so I could die over this. RIP me 💀

I can already feel those beautiful baby blues melting my cold, black heart 🖤

We miss you too bae 😍

We’d do questionable things to be able to be able to wake up to that every day 🤔

That smile is legit TDF staaahhhpppp 😍

*Drools on keyboard* 🤤

Even when he cries he still looks damn good. Meanwhile, we’re over here looking like a squashed potato when we turn on the waterworks.


No comment required.

Rita Ora, you tha real MVP 🙌

Thnx boo we love you too ❤️❤️❤️

FYI, I want this replayed on repeat at my funeral.

Also this one too, pls.

Shout out to fetus High School Musical Zac, too.

Dat fringe tho.

Happy birthday bb 🔥🎉❤️