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12 Celeb Engagement Rings You Need To See

13 July 2018

PSA: This article may leave you drooling on your screen. After a giant sparkler of your own? We won’t judge if you leave this page open on your man’s computer!

Meghan Markle

A ring fit for, well, a princess, this gem filled band is so charmingly classic with a giant diamond flanked by two slightly smaller ones (smaller is a relative term right…). We’re tipping that this more traditional diamond design will be back with a vengeance now that it’s on the hand of a royal. 


Eva Longoria

Who says a ring should be all diamonds? We adore Eva Longoria’s deep ruby centre stone, surrounded by some extra diamond bling and we’re so here for this royal jewel inspired design. Coloured stones may be the way of the future!


Miranda Kerr

Thanks to an announcement on Snapchat we got a real good, close up squiz of Miranda Kerr’s engagement ring, an exquisitely round cut diamond with two tapered baguettes either side. A lovely choice (even without a filter) by Evan Spiegel, founder of Snapchat. 


Kim Kardashian West

If all out bling is your thing, then you really can’t go past Kimmy K’s whopper of a ring. 15-carat and flawlessly cut (apparently that was Kayne’s main thing) the ring is estimated to be worth around 2 million dollars!


Lady Gaga

It’s either your thing or it’s not but we really dig this pink diamond for Lady Gaga – it’s gorgeous hued stone is also surrounded by a ton of diamonds. This is the second of Gaga’s slightly unique engagement rings (the first was a heart shaped diamond – which we also kinda loved TBH).



Jay Z has really cornered the market when it comes to MASSIVE diamonds. We’re not sure how Bey even holds up her hand! We can see where Kayne’s ‘ringspiration’ comes from. Sure pays for your man to have high achieving friends.


Sofia Vergara

As well as scoring one of the hottest men of all time Sofia also scored this huge rock to really cinch the deal. A cushion cut diamond with a halo, it’s rumoured to be worth half a mill. We love the style and man does it sparkle!


Emily Blunt

A slightly more modest style (for Hollywood), this three carat, round cut diamond is surrounded by baguettes and set in platinum. It’s a ton of diamonds but we think the real prize is being married to John Kransinski. We’d be all about The Office reunions.


Ariana Grande

One of the newest celeb engagement rings on the scene, Grande is bringing back the pear cut with her recent engagement to Pete Davidson. It’s a commissioned Tiffany and Co ring for Ari, who celebrated her new status with Davidson at Disneyland – magical!


Amal Clooney

The woman to finally tame Mr George Clooney scored herself a seven carat emerald cut diamond, ethically mined of course! It’s a beautifully structured diamond and let’s face it, absolutely huge! She’s reportedly downsizing it for when she works on serious legal cases which is understandable, it would be incredibly distracting.


Olivia Wilde

This exceptional style is perfect for Olivia, with a round diamond plated in gold, surrounded by a strikingly coloured emerald halo. We love the Victorian era inspired jewel but are mostly super jealous of scoring Jason Sudekais as a husband TBH!


Blake Lively

While being married to Ryan Reynolds obviously needs no kind of deal sweetener, Blake sure still got one with our dream husband creating a custom ring with Lorraine Schwartz for her – sigh! Her oval diamond is light pink (dreamy) and sits on a diamond filled rose gold band. 

Engagement ring inspo by Cassidy Loane