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10 New Victoria’s Secret Models You Need To Know About

30 September 2017

The biggest night for the smallest undergarments is almost here: the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. And while our girl Kendall may be missing from the line-up, there are some newbies debuting on the runway this year who deserve your attention.

#1 Victoria Lee

Instagram: @victorialee

Age: 26

Why you’ll love her: She’s an Aussie! And a country girl at that, hailing from Narrandera – a small town in NSW, which population sits around 4,000.  Making her way to the Big Apple at the age of just 18, we can’t wait to see this beauty living her dream on the runway.

#2 Roosmarijn de Kok

Instagram: @roosmarijndekok

Age: 22

Why you’ll love her: Roos is going to walk among angels, but she hasn’t always been a saint. This badass babe was once accused of stealing chocolate from Wholefoods. Girl, we’ve all been there.

#3 Alexina Graham

Instagram: @alexinagraham

Age: 26

Why you’ll love her: Redheads rejoice! This lady will be your new go-to for beauty and style inspiration. With her fiery hair and fierce cheekbones, she’s one ginger ninja you don’t want to miss.

#4 Vanessa Moody

Instagram: @vanessa_moody

Age: 20

Why you’ll love her: You know when you graduate from high school and you’re like “hmmm what do I do now?”, that was Vanessa – only she ended up becoming a model, while you’re still trying to figure out where an Arts Degree will get you. She also has a killer fringe.

#5 Mayowa Nicholas

Instagram: @mayowanicholas

Age: 19

Why you’ll love her: What a face! We don’t even know where to start; her skin, her lips, her eyes, this Nigerian beauty is flawless… VS are you sure you want this stunner distracting from your underwear?

#6 Estelle Chen

Instagram: @chen_estelle

Age: 17

Why you’ll love her: This Chinese cutie pie was born and raised in Paris, so naturally she’s trés chic. If you can make your pout look half as adorable as hers, bae will do whatever you want.

#7 Aiden Curtiss

Instagram: @aidencurtiss

Age: 19

Why you’ll love her: Speaking to i-D, Aiden said that if she wasn’t a model she’d be a DJ/Producer… um COOL, CAN WE BE FRIENDS!? It’s not all talk either, the girl has got skills and is hoping to release an EP soon.

#8  Samile Bermannelli

Instagram: @samile_b

Age: 18

Why you’ll love her: Samile just woke up like ‘dis. She’s a true effortless beauty. Her fro gives her an edge from afar, but look a little closer and you’ll spot some characteristic freckles and full lips. Damn girl.

#9 Amilna Estevao

Instagram: @officialamilnaestevao

Age: 18

Why you’ll love her: She’s insanely hot on the runway, but Amilna’s attitude OFF the runway is just as admirable. She was snapped dancing and laughing all the way to her VS fitting – she’s just happy to be here.

#10 Gizele Oliveira

Instagram: @giizeleoliveira

Age: 24

Why you’ll love/hate her: Ergh, can you just stop it Brazil? How can you keep producing such genetically blessed women? Gizele is incredibly beautiful, so you might actually hate her more than you love her…

Words by Samantha McMeekin