Interview With Lana Hopkins, Founder & CEO Of Mon Purse

22 November 2017

Lana Hopkins is one of the loveliest and charismatic people I’ve ever met. Yes, I’ve met her and was very excited as you can see from the shitty-quality pic below.

Bespoke fashion is pretty normal today, but back in 2014 when Lana started Mon Purse, it was a revolutionary concept that disrupted the industry in the best possible way.

While doing one of those ‘build-a-bear’ workshop things (don’t ask – I think it’s an Australian thing 🤷🙄), Lana wondered why the hell you couldn’t build your own bloody handbag (my words, not hers, she’s a lady).  So that’s pretty much where Mon Purse began and the beautifully crafted, custom leather goods are now stocked all over the dang world.

So because we’re now buddies (lol, we aren’t at all but my boss is friends with her so same same), she answered some of my curious questions…

What did you do prior to MP?  Were you entrepreneurial minded? Career-focused?

I came from a media background and I worked in print magazine and digital ad sales at News Ltd. I was
also part of another startup as Marketing and Sales Director prior to founding Mon Purse, a business my
husband James started. This invaluable experience paved the way for Mon Purse. I’m always thinking about new ideas.

If you weren’t being awesome at MP, what would you be doing?

I would be building another startup.

What are the biggest mistakes you see other business owners doing?

I try not to look at others and concentrate on myself.

If you could give an ambitious 17yo life/career advice, what would it be?

Always back yourself, and never give up. When things get tough, keep going anyway, as that is when
breakthroughs tend to happen.

What did you first buy when you started making serious dollars?

I treated myself and husband to an amazing holiday.

Do you have a favourite child? i.e which style is your fave at MP!?

The Black Patent Leather Camera Bag.

Go-to outfit?

Scanlan & Theodore velvet bomber, Levi originals jeans, with some Red Gucci pumps.

The hardest thing about your job?

The hardest but most rewarding thing is finding the best people who are right for the team. Once you’ve got
them, the sky’s the limit. People are everything.

Best thing?

Our passionate, hardworking team. Nothing can be achieved without the support of an incredible team.

Can you give us a few of your career highs?

Making customers around the world deliriously happy by providing them with the opportunity to design
exactly what they want.

What and where is on your bucket list?

– Japan, Tokyo
– Brazil, Rio
– Stockholm, Sweden

3 most important things to you?

– Family
– Health
– Travel

How many bags do you own?!

I don’t have as many as probably expected, but what I do have, have been designed by me for me – they
are unique and exclusive.

Who is your role model, and why?

Sheryl Sandberg. She’s such an incredible role model to women. She’s been able to overcome incredible
adversity. From everything I’ve heard about her, she’s incredibly compassionate and thoughtful. But, also
a really methodical and level-headed businesswoman.

What beauty product or treatment can’t you live without?

La Mer and Argentum (from Mecca) are my everyday staples in my daily skincare ritual. I also
can’t live without my Glossier beauty products.

What motivates you?

Creating something from scratch then watching it grow. I’m a starter and a finisher.

The craziest thing you’ve ever done?

When I was 15, I wrote to the Federal Minister’s office to do some work experience, and they said
yes. I wanted to pursue a career in politics at the time. It was very ambitious of me.

What quote or saying do people spout but is complete BS?

I don’t criticise other people, if it’s meaningful to them, it’s meaningful.

FINALLY, who should everyone follow on insta?

Laura Brown. She is funny, sassy and so real.