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These Are The Most Inspiring Girl Bosses You Should Follow

01 June 2018

Instagram is your friend and foe when it comes to being inspired. It’s easy to get stuck in the vortex of self comparison when scrolling through your feed. But there are some wonderfully inspiring accounts, that will you give you healthy injection of motivation to reach your career goals. Life is really what you make it, and that’s exactly what these girl bosses emulate online. They’re business savvy self-starters ready to conquer the world. We get a good kick every time we see a post so click follow on these inspiring women now.

Babba C Riviera

This Swedish New Yorker was recently named in the Forbes Under 30.  She’s effortlessly cool and a savvy 27-year old with a knack for branding. Follow her for the cute af puppy pics she takes on the streets of NYC in dope outfits.


Angela Simson

A modern day wellness hippie, Angela manifested a new livelihood after a much needed career change and now she’s on a mission to inspire all females to rediscover their happiness. Follow her for the pretty and wholesome posts.


Nicole Warne 

Australia’s leading digital influencer, Nicole Warne reaches a global audience of over 2.3 million. She started an ecommerce and digital publishing business at the age of 20 and has collaborate with some of the biggest names in fashion-Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Net-a-Porter.


Sarah Holloway

Sarah is a former law professional who realised it wasn’t her calling. She made bank by packaging delicious Japanese matcha green tea and opening Matcha Mylkbar (heaven on earth for vegans). She’s the perfect example of why giving up everything for a dream is worth every cent.


Emma Carey

Her story is probably the craziest and terrifying tales you’ll ever hear. 5 years ago Emma went skydiving over the Swiss Alps and the worst thing that could ever happen happened-something went wrong with her parachute! She found herself hearing that she would never be able to walk again but she proved everyone wrong. Em has now become an avid entrepreneur, inspiring girls to live their life to the fullest. She has a book coming out called The Girl Who Fell From The Sky and sells her own artwork on her website.


Karlie Kloss

Supermodel Karlie Kloss is not just a pretty face, she is seriously smart having started a business called Kode With Klossy which helps girls learn code. She believes that women are the leaders of the future and encourages girls to step out of their comfort zone and take on jobs in the tech and engineering world that challenge gender roles.


Julie Stevajna

This superwoman is behind the online activewear giant, Stylerunner. Her cunning common sense identified a hole in the market: fashionable gym clothes. She’s making millions but still has a very down-to-earth mantra: work hard, play hard. Stalk her for the fitspo shots and fashion.


Emily Weiss

The millennial CEO left an esteemed position at American Vogue and founded the cult cosmetics brand, Glossier. She’s focused on encouraging all women to find their inner beauty, have fun with makeup and chase their calling.


Lilly Singh

One of the most successful vloggers on Youtube, Lily started posting videos because she was unhappy and wanted to escape to a world where she could be herself and just have fun. Her videos blew up and she now has up to 12 million subscribers. She is the best selling author of How To Be Bawse and her Unicorn Island Tour motivates people to conquer the world!


Gabby Bernstein

Most motivational speakers are cheesy, but Gabby definitely aint’! The self confessed “spirit junkie” has written best-sellers on overhauling your emotional state for inner peace. Follow her for the daily reminder to be kinder to yourself.


Sarah Crampton

Sarah is one of the pioneering style bloggers in Australia and even stars  in a reality show Fashion Bloggers. She has also worked with global brands such as Estee Lauder, Jaguar, Gucci and Nike so she understands the fashion world to a T. Get regular style updates and fashion tips from this Australian It-Girl.


Jane Lu

You wouldn’t be here reading on Showpo if it weren’t for this corporate come fashion entrepreneur. She changed careers so she could finally live the lifestyle of her dreams and it paid off. Check out her profile and let the wanderlust ensue.


Aggie Lal

After working her arse off as a waitress in Poland, Aggie travelled to Sydney, Australia and never looked back. She worked a variety of casual, part-time jobs where she saved her money so that she could travel to many destinations and work on blogging, vlogging and gaining a social media following. Travel blogging is now her full-time job but don’t be fooled, it didn’t come easy and she is definitely a success story.


Alyce Tran

Alyce worked her butt off in her former law gig to save enough money so she could jump ship to create her own accessories empire. If you don’t already know, she’s the creative behind the monogrammed brand, The Daily Edited.  Follow her for a peep into her stylish lifestyle.


Margaret Zhang

Talk about an overachiever, Margaret Zhang is a photographer, director, stylist and writer based in New York. Born in Australia, she started her digital presence by snapping photos for global brands such as Chanel, Swarovski, Yeezy, Dior, Gucci and Louis Vuitton all while completing Bachelor of Commerce/Law degree.


Words by Jennifer Aitken & Tamara Bose